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Beat the Heat – By Being in the Sun

April 4, 2019

Have you ever been sitting at home in those April or May months and just felt low-energy? Or just too tired to get out of the house on a weekend? Yeah? Well, us too.
The blistering heat and humidity is a massive factor in making us feel like this. We often think that by sitting inside, cocooned by the cold breeze from the AC, we’ll be safe from the heat. But can we really avoid going out at all? Probably not (but we’re sure people do it anyway). If you don’t feel like getting out of the house, here’s something that may change your mind.

That’s right, it’s sailing, and it’s really popular across the world especially when it’s hot.

Sailing is loosely defined as the ‘action of sailing in a ship or boat’, which may seem pretty obvious – but it’s much more than that. It’s a sense of immense power that you feel when you harness something as natural and strong as the wind, and make a boat move. It’s a way of life for some and the perfect weekend activity for practically everyone. For others, it’s also a tiny boat in the middle of a vast, deadly ocean that could consume you. But we can assure you, that’s not the case.

So what if we told you, you could beat the heat by being in the sun? We probably would not believe it either, but it’s true! And that’s the beauty of sailing – despite the heat engulfing you, on the water you feel like you’re standing in front of an AC on full power!

So how does this work? Ironically, the summer in India is also the period of strongest winds, with the monsoon approaching. I’m sure you’re thinking – doesn’t sailing become unsafe if the winds become stronger? Well, debunking another myth, sailing is actually much more fun when the wind is strong! Because just like driving a car, you have the option to either sail at an incredibly high speed or just enjoy a leisurely cruise around the harbour!

With Aquasail you don’t have to worry about cooling off while you float in the water waiting to be rescued – our international instructors hailing from Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia, the UK, Germany, etc. are there to make sure you can control your boat and at the same time not topple into the water while you’re doing it! We’re just kidding, that rarely happens.
So wouldn’t you like to be in the sun but not feel hot at all? One of the best parts about being on a sailing boat is whether you go sailing at 1:00 in the afternoon or 5:00 in the evening, you’re going to leave behind the feeling of being roasted alive, at the Jetty, and hop into a veritable boat of chill as you sail away into the sun, or the sunset AND be safe and secure while doing it. Sounds pretty great to us, TBH.

As we love to say at Aquasail: ‘You can’t control the wind but you can adjust your sails.’ A truer statement has never been spoken.

Contact us to find out more on how to beat the heat with us at www.aquasailindia.com

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