GOAquasail in Sun drenched Goa : the CEO Cup Redefines the meaning of networking and learning

November 16, 2018

GOAquasail in Sun drenched Goa : the Axis Bank Vistara CEO Cup Redefines the meaning of networking and learning the experiential way


A week end in sunny GOA and 40 CEOs share insights, ride the waves, learn to sail and come back energised, delighted and with transformational lessons to use back at the work place. All of them agreed it was different and that they left Goa with an invaluable gift. A gift given to them by the sea. The sea and wind and a sail boat teach you to explore, to seek new horizons to adapt your course as the winds and tides change and to build trust in your self, your team and your boat as you navigate the waters. An invaluable gift bringing realisation that life is an adventure that requires an open mind and courage to face the unknown.


Suresh Narayan of Nestle said he had sailed choppy waters as he steered Nestle thru the Maggi challenge and found the lessons learnt during those tumultuous months to be similar to the lessons the old man of the sea shared that special week end. He felt that it required courage, authenticity, team work and imagination to succeed, to keep ahead, to chart a course innovatively

This years CEO Cup had onboard Vistara along with Axis Bank and Grand Hyatt Goa, Kingfisher and Strike Casino – the week end was nothing short of magical with leisure combined with high powered learning and sharing. Indulgence was another ingredient brought alive by the Shamana Spa of Grand Hyatt Goa – they created a spirit of relaxation on the lawns overlooking the picturesque Bay. STRIKE CASINO added color and fun and brought alive the evenings with super entertainment adding color and wonderful hospitality

Vistara hosted the SAILING CLINIC and all CEOs went back having completed a certificate course in sailing and having thoroughly enjoyed the Beach Sailing Fiesta – an unforgettable experience curated as part of the Vistara Platinum Exclusive Week Ends. This was curated as part of the C Suite Regattas hosted by Aquasail and Axis Bank as part of the Extraordinary Week ends offer from Axis Bank.

For Aquasail it means taking the power and joy of sailing and creating a magical moment that will last a lifetime for all those lucky enough to be invited to share in this week end.

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