Executive Waves

For Corporate India Aquasail is delighted to offer a unique scheme – the AQUASAIL XECUTIVE WAVES. Your employees can avail of special rates and priviledges as they pursue and explore the wonderful world of leisure boating. All you need to do is to fill the form below and one of our executives will be in touch with you. Once we verify the details you will receive an email every month which you would need to send to your employees. We can also send you hard copies of posters to put up in the canteen/ notice board etc. We also request you to use your intranet and other means of communication relevant to your organization. If you want we can organize a presentation at your office talking about the exciting world of leisure boating. Once onboard, your employees can enjoy special rates and privileges with Aquasail. So set sail and help employees discover a healthier, fun way to spend their leisure time.

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