6 year old Ansh's birthday

Ansh fly Ansh Ansh 

6 year old Ansh’s mum and dad wondered what they would do to make their son’s 6th birthday special. They wanted to do something really different and not just one of those super expensive theme birthdays which they thought were rather boring. They wanted to give him something he would remember even when he is grown up. That’s when they hit upon the idea of taking him sailing, with us.  We at Aquasail, were only too happy to oblige. After all, just last month, we had another 6 year old celebrate his birthday with us and he really loved it. We made this booking and prepared ourselves. fb icon View photo album

On the afternoon of December 3rd, Ansh and his family arrived at the Jetty opposite the Ta, full of anticipated excitement.

Ansh proudly put on his life jacket and posed for a photo. The whole family then dressed in their life jackets (life jackets are a mandatory safety feature on all Aquasail boats) got into the boat that took them out of the mooring and into this beautiful 25 foot Beneteau yacht.

One look at the boat was enough to make Ansh smile. It was so big and stable. The tall mast with its white sails flapping in the cool harbor breeze was so inviting. The crew was waiting to greet him with warm birthday wishes and take him on board. He watched in fascination as the skipper pulled the ignition chord of the big black motor and it whirred into action.

 In a few minutes the able skipper took the boat out of the moorings and out into the harbor. Ansh watched the engine leave its wake of bubbly foam. Then he watched as the crew pulled ropes and pulleys to adjust the mainsails and the jib. They all looked so strong. The sails looked so tall. Then, the skipper showed him how the sails caught the wind just like a kite and explained how the yacht moved forward with the wind

 Then came Ansh’s first big surprise. The skipper invited Ansh to hold the tiller. “Would you like to steer this boat Ansh?” she asked. “Here hold this stick like this” she said as she smiled and handed him the tiller. Ansh could not believe his luck! He proudly adjusted his cap, took a firm grip of the tiller and became skipper. Wheeeee! This was fun.


There was no letting go of the tiller after that. Ansh just loved the feel of the boat, the smooth way its bow cut through the water leaving behind waves on either side and a steady stream of waves in its wake behind. The cool evening breeze played with is hair as he played skipper and enjoyed every moment of this new adventure.

Then came another surprise. The skipper and the tindal gave him a box - a birthday gift from Aquasail. What could it be? thought Ansh, as he opened the box with great anticipation. “Look mum- Brownies! I love brownies.”  Thank you mum and dad.  Thank you Aquasail. Thank you everyone. 

brownies  birthday brownies

While Ansh generously shared his brownies all around, it was his mum’s turn to play skipper. The whole family had a great time that evening.

When it was time to return, Ansh shook hand and wished everyone goodbye and thank you. We were touched.  You can view the complete photo album of this sailebration on our facebook page

We, on our part had enjoyed the sailebration too. We’re so happy that Ansh’s parents thought of sharing this special day with us. We hope Ansh will come again. Perhaps for one of our Learn to Sail courses? He did seem like a born Skipper and we know from experience that kids learn fast, especially on our fun boats and in our kids’ camps.

If you want to celebrate a special event such as a birthday, anniversary, etc. for someone special, call us. We can also arrange a sailebration for a group of about 50 persons at our Mandwa Sailing Center… complete with meals, a large birthday cake, and all the trappings of a great swinging party. 

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