Children's Day 2013 with Concern India

On 18th December, 50 underprivileged children experienced a sailebration-of-a-lifetime, when Aquasail and the Concern India Foundation took them to Aquasail’s Mandwa Sailing Center for a day of unparalleled fun. The children who were bursting with excitement even before they got onto the ferry at Gateway of India quite overflowed with it when they reached the sailing center.  

A quick breakfast and they rushed down to the waters to start splashing in the waves encouraged by each one of our skippers. During the course of the day any kind of conversation revolved purely around which activity was more fun, the kayaks, the dinghies, the catamaran, or the yachts and barely was the edge taken off their appetites at lunch time than the boys and girls rushed down to the waters again.

Finally the two highlights of the day were voted as the kayak race amongst the children and the sighting of a friendly school of dolphins which elicited shrieks of delight as they swam along the yachts.

They were the main topics of discussion at the tea table and all the way back to the Gateway of India even as the children anxiously peered out of the ferry to see if they could get another such sighting.

“I never thought I would be able to see something so amazing,” said one of the children as she departed. “Do you think we will be as lucky next year?” We certainly hope so! With the help of sponsorships from Aquasailors, next year's Children's Day can be even more fun.

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