Unique, 4-hour 'See-Mumbai-From-the-Sea' Cruise.

This is a one-of-a-kind cruising experience. For a full 4-hours, you get to "see Mumbai from the sea." The experience is unique because the Mumbai harbor has a history that dates back several centuries and Mumbai from the sea (with the light house and the other landmarks) is completely different from the super-fast-paced Mumbai everyone is aware of. It is an ideal cruise for a special guest, or for corporate networking.

Here are the details of this cruise.

You have a choice of 3 types of boats

Our Beneteau 24.7 is a light sports yacht. It can accommodate 7.

24.7   24.7(a)

Our  Beneteau 34.7 is a fast cruiser fully equipped with a bedroom, toilet, a small kitchen, and a spacious cockpit and saloon. The large steering wheel is a pleasure to steer with. It can accommodate up to 15.

34.7   inside   layout

 Our Leopard 39 which is a luxury catamaran with 3 cabins, a saloon and a wide trapeze upfront.


How many people can you take?

The Beneteau 25.7 can accommodate 7, the Beneteau 34.7 and the Leopard 39 can accommodate up to 15.

You get a full crew

All boats come with a crew of sailing instructors who are fully qualified and very passionate about sailing. If you wish, they can give you a hands-on feel of the art of sailing by teaching you a few basics of steering and managing the sails and the boat. Alternatively, you can choose to just sit back, relax and enjoy your sail.

You get light snacks, high tea, serenades

A light meal, snacks and beverages are included in your package.  You could bring your own meals, or you could order for extra services such as a high tea, birthday cake, flowers, and greeting cards or even a guitarist or saxaphone player to add to the mood. You can also order for extra sailing time.

What are the costs?

Beneteau 25.7: Rs 35,000/-   Beneteau 34.7: Rs 68,000/-    Leopard 39: Rs 1,40,000/-

 Dates and timings

This is a 4-hour cruise that is organised between 1 pm and 6 pm. You can book for any of the 7 days of the week

This harbor cruise is ideal for entertaining a guest who has come visiting and wants to see the sights. Mumbai from the see is a completely different experience. You can even choose to see Mumbai from the sea, at night. 

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 For bookings or more information/discussions, call 987681826 / 9004493220.      

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Unique, 4-hour 'See-Mumbai-From-the-Sea' Cruise.