Aquasail helps launch an unusual communications media company called Social Access.

What’s a double amputee doing at Aquasail?!! You might ask.

Well, if you’ve been following our facebook postings regularly you shouldn’t be too surprised. Some of our most memorable guests have been physically challenged persons and ‘young-at-heart’ senior citizens, who have opened up our minds and widened our horizons to new perception of what’s becoming possible these days

MarkMark Inglis was one such really unique individual who left a lasting impression on all of us – a wonderful soul. Actually, that week-end we had so many outstanding personalities on board our yachts, it felt like we were hosting a ‘page 3’ event.

Social Access logo What was the event? It was the launch of an unusual communications media company called Social Access. This is no runoff the mill communications media company because unlike most communications media companies, Social Access focuses it’s attention on the needs of the Social sector (NGO’s Non-profit organizations, Social businesses...).This company also has an exceptional pedigree. It has been launched by two extraordinaryl women entrepreneurs - Lynn Dsouza and Meenakshi Menon. We are so proud that they chose to launch their company on board our yachts. And boy!!! What an extraordinary launch event this was.

First consider the special guests present that day:

Lynn Dsouza who is former chairman & CEO, Lintas Media Group

Meenakshi Menon - Founder & Chairperson of a media audit company named Spatial Access.

Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy, the first Indian to circumnavigate the oceans solo, nonstop and unassisted., in April 2013.

Abhilash Tomy's mentor Commander Dilip Donde - who completed  the first recorded solo circumnavigation by an Indian, in 2010.

Mark Inglis, the world’s first double amputee to have scaled Mt. Everest. He is also an accomplished cyclist and, as a double leg amputee, won a silver medal in the 1 km time trial event at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. 

...and Sarah Wilson, founder and CEO, Adventure Coaching, New Zealand.

Lynn Menakshi Abhilash Tomy Dilp

Now consider the theme of the launch of this company. Lynn and Menakshi came up with an unusually powerful theme – ‘be the change.’ 

Bee the change

After all both founding mothers of the company are convinced it is time for them and their company to ‘be agents of change’ in today’s world,

As very special guests, Lynn and Menakshi invited 30 disadvantaged kids to sail with them. These kids shared with us how they are eager to show the world all they they can do and all that they can BE.

What a great team to sail with. What a great event to set sail.

We sailed to a great wind, around the harbour and then spend time soaking in the sheer luxury of our Leopard catamaran. 

sailng sail sail sail (view all sailing photosFb icon)

Two of those kids, Sapna and Prachi, had such a ‘wow’ time touring our Leopard Catamaran and sailing in the Benetau yach, here’s what they said "We're having a great time and want more.”. *scan and place testimonies here

The kids just loved Abhilash Tomy, Dilip Donde, and Mark Inglis – their new mentors and role models. 

cycling When Mark Inglis rode his bicycle from The Gateway of India to the Radio Club, his special legs drew special attention- everyone cheered. When he spoke at the podium all hearts were stirred.

When Lynn and Lt col Abhilash spoke, he awaked the spirit of adventure in all of us. There wasn’t a soul present who decided that he/she too would pursue their dreams. 

We wish them all fairs winds and smooth sailing.

In addition to Aquasail India, the launch of this company named ‘Social Access' found quite a few supporters like Radio Mirchi, (venue and radio campaign), Mercury Integrated (alliances), Sound Corporate Communications (PR and media relations) Catalyst (event management), Foxymoron (digital communications) and National Geographic Traveller (clothing).

Thank you Lynn and Menakshi for this memorable event.

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