Yachting, racing and networking – how CNBC TV18 used sailing as an ice-breaker

It was a bright sunny April morning, not really the ideal day for an outdoor business meeting. But what if the location of the business meeting were to be the world-class luxury of our sleek 37 ft sports yachts and our 39 ft long-distance-cruising Leopard Catamaran? Because sometimes just business plans and sales pitches is not sufficient to conduct business. You also need to be in the right atmosphere – one that can help unleash the business juices in you. And trust us, sometimes the ‘sea’ can help make a world of difference. 


In April this year, the CNBC TV18 team did just this and used the setting of the deep blue sea to meet current and potential clients – through a day long networking event they had organized in partnership with Aquasail. The luxury yatchs and Catamaran helped keep the clients relaxed and discuss business in a free and open environment. The day was truly memorable, not just for the business deals that were struck, but also for the unique experience of adventure sailing.

CNBC TV18’s guests got a pleasant surprise when they were introduced to the idea of racing regatta. From assembling early in the morning, to donning life jackets for the event – this networking event promised to be memorable in more ways than one. Participants assembled early on in the day at jetty no. 5, opposite the Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba, Mumbai. The teams boarded their respective yachts, got acquainted with their boats, the sailing gear, and basics of the racing rules. After a couple of test runs, the team lined up their boats for the race… and on the signal, took off. 


The race was fun, exciting, and memorable for all participants. It set the tone to meet and greet in a relaxed manner and comfortably discuss business. After the race, guests were taken to the decks of our super luxury leopard catamaran, where they soaked in the relaxed luxury of the spacious lounge and two bedrooms and galley on the catamaran. 


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From the catamaran, the group moved back to the Royal Bombay Yacht Club (RBYC), where they relaxed further and discussed business some more. The day ended with the award ceremony, many long lasting memories and not to mention the potential business deals that must have been discussed during the course of the day.

We thank you CNBC for the opportunity to be of service.

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