Learn to Windsurf

Realise your dream of a fun-filled, high energy hobby and get onto the water now with a windsurfing course with the Aquasail Yachting Academy (AYA). In case you’re thinking that windsurfing is one of those tricky feats which only highly experienced experts can pursue, think again. You can in fact get hooked into this adventure within a span of two days with Aquasail and you can be completely assured of your safety while doing so.

Aquasail’s Learn to Windsurf course is one of the most exciting gifts you can present yourself with for a lifetime of fun and enjoyment.  All you need is to be above 12 years of age and love the water! You don’t even need to know how to swim. Come discover the thrill of zipping over those waves with the wind in your eyes over the horizon of total exhilaration.

What is Windsurfing?

Windsurfing or sailboarding is an exhilarating water sport which combines elements of sailing as well as surfing. It is done on a windsurfing board usually two to four metres long, powered by the effect of the wind on a sail, on which you actually surf over the waves. Beginners of course have to take it slow. The course begins with simply teaching you to balance on the board and hold the sail while you slowly ride the waves. By the end of the two day program you will know all about board preparation and safety procedures and have the elementary windsurfing skills to be able to confidently and independently windsurf within beach limits.

Course Content

Day 1


  • Introductory sessions provides basic knowledge
  • Simulator sessions for on land drills
  • Setting up the rig and lowering practice
  • Basic board balancing and safety techniques
  • Recovery methods after capsizing
  • De-rigging and storage methods


Day 2

  • Turning drills (Tacking and Gybing)
  • Sail trim
  • Practical training and ample practice


Course Details

  • When: Time and date as per course structure with an option to stay overnight
  • Where: Mandwa Beach(Alibaug) Aquasail Training Center (Located within the Mumbai harbour) and Bambolim Goa Aquasail Training Center (Located at the Grand Hyatt)
  • Length of the course: 2 days
  • Equipment: JP Australia and Starboard boards, Neil Pryde sails

Why Aquasail’s Learn to Windsurf Course?

Premium Quality Equipment

At Aquasail we use international class windsurfing boards viz. starboard boards and Neil Pryde which provide the most stable platform for beginners. Specially designed for learning, our equipment ensures that beginners will learn to windsurf in the shortest possible time in the safest and most effective manner possible.   

World Class Instructors

At Aquasail we hire the most highly qualified, international level instructors, certified by the Royal Yachting Association each with vast experience in teaching as per international guidelines.

International Structure and Format

Our course is structured as per international benchmarks and conducted in a controlled environment with ample safety cover to ensure the security of every learner, even those who can’t swim. At the end of the course, you will receive an AYA certificate.

Get Addicted!

Once you have done our basic Learn to Windsurf course, we can guarantee you that you will be hooked!  But don’t think it stops there or that you will have to travel to more exotic destinations to pursue your passion further. We at Aquasail not only look forward to connecting you to a vibrant windsurfing community, we also have on offer advanced courses which can take you to greater heights of this exciting sport and open up new opportunities  for you in different parts of the world.


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