Learn to MultiHull

For those of you who have learned to sail or learned to dinghy sail with us, you can now learn to multihull as well! If you are looking for a more advanced form of sailing, something challenging and more advanced, join our Learn to Multihull course.

What is Aquasail’s Learn to Multihull Course?

With Aquasail you will learn to multihull on our premiere class Hobie 15, a beach catamaran, 15 feet in length. This is a two-hull, twin-trapeze boat with a trampoline between the two hulls. Our Learn to Multihull course is basically an additional endorsement for those who have learned to sail or learned to dinghy sail.  You will be taught to trapeze, to handle a capsize drill and will be thoroughly trained in rigging and boat handling skills as well.

Course Details

The course consists of two half-day sessions which can be conducted over a weekend during which you will be taught to trapeze and capsize and complete rigging and boat-handling skills

  • When: Time and date flexible with an option to stay overnight
  • Where: Aquasail Training Centers in Mandwa Beach (Alibaug), located within the Mumbai harbour and Bambolim Beach, Goa, located at the Grand Hyatt Bambolim
  • Course Length: 2 days (Each a half day session)
  • Equipment: Hobie 15 and Dart 16 multihull boats



Why Aquasail’s Learn to Multihull Course?


Premium Quality Equipment

At Aquasail we use international class equipment viz. the Hobie 15 beach catamaran which is solid and safe.

World Class Instructors

Our team consists of a mix of internationally certified instructors and Indian instructors who are very skilled and have sailed internationally.

International Structure and Format

Our course is structured as per international benchmarks and conducted in a controlled environment with ample safety cover to ensure the security of every learner, even those who can’t swim. At the end of the course, you will receive an AYA certificate.

Get Addicted!

Once you have done our Learn to Multihull course, the possibilities are endless. You will be able to sail with huge levels of confidence and skill and the feeling that the waters are truly yours.


Learn to Multihull - Open up the horizons


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