Camp for Kids

Give your kids the most unique, high-energy experience… open up their horizons of learning through pure fun on the waters with Aquasail’s Camp for Kids.

Our Camp for Kids is usually conducted over a long weekend or at a festive time like Diwali or Christmas when the kids are on holiday. You can be sure that this is one experience they will treasure for life. Conducted over a two or three day period, the kids stay at hotels or bungalows close to our center on  Mandwa Beach and are exposed to a beautiful range of boating activities which invariably leave them thrilled and itching to learn more, while automatically building up their confidence levels. It is a known fact, world over that sports boosts self-esteem and confidence levels, and in no case is this more evident than with the beautiful activity of sailing. With a few days spent on the waters and the sands you can be sure that your kids will come back with a whole new world opened up to them. Not only do we teach them different forms of sailing, we also teach them, through the camp activities, about team building, having faith in themselves and staying in charge of every situation.

As they get introduced to the wonderful world of the seas and boats, surrounded by yachts, windsurfers, dinghies and kayaks, (and of course good food!) your kids will barely know how the time went by and you can be sure that they will come back with one question: “When can we go again?”

Course Details

  • When: Time and date as per our schedule (Contact us for more details)
  • Where: Mandwa Beach (Alibaug)- Aquasail Training Center (Located within the Mumbai harbour)
  • Course Length: 2 or 3 days
  • Equipment: kayaks, funboats, windsurfers

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