Corporate Regattas / Events

Depending on the business objective and the profile that you are trying to attract, we would recommend

that you explore some of the formats/ events given below. Some of these can be tailor- made to suit your business objectives. The details will be discussed when you express an interest.

a.    The Forbes India Aquasail Regatta
b.    Mandwa Home Owners’ Splash
c.    HR Heads Ride The Waves
d.    The Achiever’s Regatta
e.    The Sailathon

All of these events are conceptualized keeping in mind different target audiences that we believe are ideal for a sailing experience and will also be of interest to you. We customize, based on brand and organizer objectives.

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The Forbes India Aquasail Regatta (FIAR)


The Forbes India Aquasail Regatta was a phenomenal success last season. We had about 230 participants over 4 days. The typical profile was CEOs, Managing Directors, Chairmen and owners of business firms.

Sponsorship Options:
   i.    Title sponsor 
  ii.    Associate sponsor

A detailed proposal will be sent separately, if interested.

The title sponsor entitles you to the naming rights for the regatta. You will get access to:   

  •  Invitations for your clients
  •  Branding on the boats
  • Branding at the venue

Other privileges from Aquasail

  1. Gift Vouchers
  2. Discount on an exclusive event
  3. Branding on all collaterals
  4. Branding on our website

This is a very high powered opportunity to not just reward your clients but also to network and acquire customers being brought on board through the entire effort of Aquasail, Forbes and other sponsors.

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Mandwa Home Owners’ Splash-Connect with the Affluent

This is a segment which is a very highly defined and a geographically concentrated set of people. These are people who have bought their dream houses in Mumbai as well as their cars, and have enough disposable income to invest in luxurious dream houses across the harbor, just an hour away from Mumbai. For some it is a lifestyle statement, for others it is a true getaway, but it is a set of affluent people seeking more out of life.

Many of this segment interact with Aquasail as they are potential buyers of boats to go across the harbor and as a result Aquasail does have access to many of them.  Through a joint effort we will invite as many Mandwa home owners as possible and create an event where the owners can create a splash at the Aquasail Sailing Centre. We invite you to be a part of this event as a title sponsor or a co sponsor. 

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Ride the Waves- Corporate Connect

HR heads of large organizations do take several decisions and tend to influence a lot of key decisions and within their own rights are people with high disposable income.

We propose to host an HR Head’s event both at Gateway of India and at Mandwa.

If this profile is of interest then you could be on-board with this event.

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The Achiever’s Regattas

The Achiever’s Regatta seeks to target various achiever segments. We propose to create broad segments of professionals like doctors, lawyers, architects as well as segments like women achievers, etc as given below

  1. Architects, lawyers and doctors
  2. Senior executives in the business world
  3. Women achievers (women in the corporate world) as well as business entrepreneurs
  4. Young achievers ( <35yrs, who own and run businesses)
  5. CFO Regatta
  6. Bankers Regatta
  7. The Indulgence Regatta : jewelry and luxury brands


The segments can be identified by you. The proposal is to create this as a recurring event

over a few weeks/ months thereby creating a long term association.    

The participants will sail and race in a fun and competitive environment; a perfect platform for visibility, association with sailing, networking and client acquisition.

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The Sailathon

This is a concept where we will be engaging with close to 1000 people over 4 days. Media, direct mailers, SMS, direct contact registrations etc. will be used to invite people to participate in the event and special care will be taken to screen the participants. There will also be a registration fee to ensure that the right profile of participants come on-board.

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