Sailing Regattas – powerful metaphor for business leadership : Navigating Un-chartered Waters

November 16, 2018

Sailing and sailing races are metaphors for business and for life lessons. This was demonstrated at the A quasail Axis Bank CEO Regatta co-sponsored by Vistara on Feb 10th 2018. 

Who would imagine that the  ICONIC Gateway of India would host 40 Corporate Leaders sailing and racing in an internationally formatted  REGATTA series. CEOS across industry segments learned to sail and raced at this unique event. The energy in the room as was electric. Everyone was geared for an afternoon of action, networking and relaxation. Before setting off on the water stalwarts like

D Shivakumar shared insights on navigating un-chartered waters. He brought out the need to r edefine loyalty and culture in a very dynamic world demonstrating that leaders need to embrace change with open arms and steer organizations thru transformational change at exceptionally deep levels.


N Rajaram with humour and great authenticity brought out the need for empathy while pushing boundaries for growth and performance.  Rajiv Anand from Axis Bank shared his experiences on managing a world where roles of organizations and what they do as a core is itself changing as mind-sets evolve rapidly and technology disrupts and creates new opportunities and challenges almost daily.

So why sailing and racing?? And what is its relevance? : Every participant after racing agreed the racing


brought out the need to get over fear as one challenged oneself and moved out of a comfort zone – something that a leader has to do daily in the fast paced disruptive world of today. It highlighted the need to re assess the meaning of risk and reward, and brought out what it takes to proactively adapt as one tries to reach a goal buffeted by waves and unpredictable wind. What was discussed pre sailing came alive on the water in a way that made even the most experienced professional of the day reflect and re-evaluate what it means to learn and to unlearn as one leads organizations to success. See some insight’s captured and I hope the pictures bring to life the energy in the room, the cheer, the excitement that pervaded every moment of an action packed afternoon.
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