Learn Windsurfing Course, Mandwa Alibaug

8-12 Hours
  • AQ-Learn-Windsurfing-Course-Mandwa
  • AQ-Learn-Windsurfing-Course-Mandwa
  • AQ-Learn Windsurfing Course-Mandwa
  • AQ-Learn-Windsurfing-Course-Mandwa
  • AQ-Learn-Windsurfing-Course-Mandwa

 Learn windsurfing in Mandwa, a mere  one hour ferry ride from Mumbai with  Aquasail’s Learn to Windsurf course  organised at the Mandwa beach. Realize  your dream of a fun-filled, high energy  hobby and get onto the water now with  a windsurfing course. In case you’re  thinking that windsurfing is one of those tricky feats which only highly experienced sailing experts can pursue, think again. You can, in fact, get hooked into this adventure water sport within a span of two days with Aquasail. And this windsurfing course is aimed for beginners and people who have some basic association with windsurfing. Aquasail’s Learn to Windsurf course is one of the most exciting gifts you can present yourself with for a lifetime of fun and enjoyment.

In the beginner level classes, you learn Windsurfing out and back at Mandwa beach. You will learn to balance, steer the windsurf board, turn around, and control the sail with the power in your hand. You will be using International Starboard Windsurfs and Neil Pryde rigs.

All you need is to be above 12 years of age and love the water! You don’t even need to know how to swim. Mandwa beach is the ideal location for windsurfing that is near and accessible to tourists and locals from Mumbai.

DURATION 8-12 hours, 3-4 hours over 2-3 days
  • International Starboard Windsurfer is packed with smart ideas and offerings. The widest shape in Entry level segments, they make learning to windsurf and planning in foot straps easier than ever.
  • Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sails are built tough, and designed to withstand the most extreme riding conditions and the test of time.
INSTRUCTORS Highly qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching sailing. They are certified International instructors or local instructors of International standards.
Mumbai: Iconic Gateway of India
Aquasail Sailing Center at Magical Mandwa. Mandwa is an hour journey from Mumbai harbour on a Ferry available frequently at the Gateway of India.
Per head, special rates for groups. Typically, Aquasail conducts windsurfing and sailing camps for groups and individuals
FREQUENCY 7 days a week; Aquasail conducts children and family sailing camps over long weekends and during vacations. Family camps include multiple activities including certificate courses for kids and adults. Special group camps can be customized.
TIMING Approx. between 9am and 6pm, including travel to and from Magical Mandwa from Iconic Gateway of India. Overnight stay can also be organized and is recommended to reduce travel fatigue.
Rs.20,000 per head
Ferry tickets to Magical Mandwa from Iconic Gateway of India, snacks on ferry, breakfast, lunch, tea. Royal Yachting Academy ‘Learn To Sail’ books given as course material, 15% off on F&B & Spa at Radisson Mandwa
Aquasail can help arrange overnight stay, speed boat transportation to Magical Mandwa, any other special arrangements as required. All value additions will be charged extra.
CERTIFICATE Aquasail Yachting Academy – sailing school run by Aquasail provides Certificate of Competency

Learn to Windsurf Course Outcomes:

  • Confidently and independently windsurf within beach limits
  • Boat preparation and safety procedures.
  • Elementary windsurfing skills.

LEARN TO WINDSURF if you are looking to:

  • Discover a new and exciting lifetime hobby

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