Learn to Dinghy Sail – Laser Bahia (Goa)

12-15 Hours
  • AQ-Learn to Dinghy Sail Course-Goa
  • AQ-Learn to Dinghy Sail Course-Goa
  • AQ-Learn to Dinghy Sail Course-Goa
  • AQ-Learn to Dinghy Sail Course-Goa
  • AQ-Learn to Dinghy Sail Course-Goa

 India now offers a Learn To Sail  certification course bench-marked to  world class standards.

 Dinghy sailing is a rewarding water sport  activity that you can enjoy on the silent  beaches. Dinghy sailing involves a small  boat with a sail that is used to harness the power of wind. Dinghy boats are designed for speed as well as learning and relaxed leisure sailing. Learning dinghy sailing helps you in understand the wind and its direction. As a part of the course, you will learn to sail a keelboat within harbour limits, rig and prepare the boat before the sail, various aspects of safety and the theory of sailing!

Learn to Dinghy Sail at the Aquasail Sailing Centre in Goa! Travellers can now add a unique dimension to their stay in Goa, learning a new hobby whilst on tour. Aquasail’s world class boats, training & safety standards and a team of trained instructors makes the sailing experience a must do part of your travel itinerary.

Sailing is a lifetime hobby where you combine skill with leisure, adventure with relaxation, thrill with tranquillity. Aquasail’s Learn to Sail course is structured to ensure that you have fun while learning the art of sailing in a systematic and structured manner. Our superb team of passionate and highly competent instructors ensures that you pick up sailing THE RIGHT WAY and enjoy the process completely.

DURATION Basic course: 12-15 hours: 4-6 sessions of 2-3 hours each. Camps and intensive courses are held over 2-3 days. To do the advanced course, the guest must have a relevant Certificate of Competency. Advanced course: 20-22 hours: 10 sessions of 2-3 hours each
SESSION STRUCTURE You can schedule your sessions as per your convenience across 12 weeks, book dates as per your schedule. For those coming into Goa for short duration’s we customize the sessions and the duration for you.
THE BOAT Laser Bahia’s versatile design provides a great platform for leisure or racing. A spacious cockpit, high boom and storage box caters to the family or up to five adults. An ideal boat to relax-in or to pick up basics of sailing
INSTRUCTORS Highly qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching sailing. They are certified international instructors or local instructors of International standards.
PICK-UP and DROP POINT Aquasail Sailing Center; Grand Hyatt, Bambolim Beach, Sundrenched Goa
FREQUENCY 7 days a week
CAPACITY OF BOAT Instructor to student ratio 1:3
BOOKING OPTIONS Per head, special rates for group and couple bookings
TIMING Post 10:00am and closing by 5.00 pm
AGE GROUP 14+ years. Younger children will be accommodated on case to case basis
Basic to Advanced Rs 28,000/-
Grand Hyatt Customers Special Rate
2 Lunches (2 – 3 day course) Tea and Cookies at the Aquasail Center
Shower Facilities Learn to Sail books and course literature
CERTIFICATE AYA Certificate of Competency
VALUE ADDS AYA Certificate of Competency


  • Confidently and independently manage a Laser Bahia within harbour limits
  • Basic/ advanced sailing skills
  • Safety and seamanship skills
  • Take up sailing as a hobby and learn the basics in a fun and structured manner
  • Get a certificate on basic sailing while on their holiday. Fine tune your sailing skills.

Sailing Holiday at Goa

If you are coming to Goa as a traveller solo or with family or with friends, you can make your trip a sailing holiday by signing up with Learn to Sail courses from Aquasail sailing school – Aquasail Yachting Academy.

Get on-board LEARN TO SAIL with Aquasail if you are looking to acquire a hobby that will last a lifetime

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