Start Dinghy Sailing – Laser Bahia (Goa)

2.5 to 3 Hours
  • Learn Dinghy Sailing Course in Goa
  • Start Dinghy Sailing Course in Goa
  • Start Dinghy Sailing Course in Goa
  • Start Dinghy Sailing Course in Goa
  • Start Dinghy Sailing Course in Goa

 Start Dinghy Sailing Course
 Aquasail’s 3 to 4 hour ‘Start Dinghy  Sailing’ course is designed for beginners  to learn sailing  and introduce your kids  and family  members to the world of  sailing! If you  are new to sailing but you  are adventurous and would you like to  venture into the waters alone, sailing  on dinghies is the best option. A sailing dinghy is a small open sailing boat without a fixed keel.

Many expert sailors agree that the best way to learn sailing is to start sailing on a dinghy boat.  The type of dinghy boat also matters a lot when you are learning the sport as a beginner and Laser Bahia dinghy boat provides the best stability and ease of manoeuvring. The most important thing to learn sailing is to get the basics from qualified instructors.

You will get personal attention from our world class instructors. Our Start Dinghy Sailing course is a great opportunity to introduce your child to a sport that will build not just skill, but character and self-confidence. Sailing inculcates discipline, focus and decision making in the child. Discover the world of sailing!!

If you are looking at what to do in Goa in the last minute, learn sailing with Start Dinghy Sailing course from Aquasail Yachting Academy.

DURATION 3-4 hours
SESSION TIMINGS Between 10:00a.m. and 5:00p.m.
THE BOAT Laser Bahia’s versatile design provides a great platform for leisure or racing. A spacious cockpit, high boom and storage box caters to the family or up to five adults. An ideal boat to relax-in or to pick up basics of sailing
INSTRUCTORS Highly qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching sailing. They are certified International instructors or local instructors of International standards.
PICK-UP and DROP POINT Aquasail Sailing Center, Grand Hyatt Goa, Bambolim Bay, Goa
SAILING VENUE Aquasail Sailing Center, Grand Hyatt, Bambolim Beach, Sundrenched Goa
FREQUENCY 7 days a week
CAPACITY OF BOAT Instructor to Student ratio: 1:4
BOOKING OPTIONS Per head, special rates for groups
TIMING Between 1:00pm and 6:00pm
AGE GROUP 16+ years
Per Head Cost Rs 8,500/-
for 2 Peoples Rs 14,900/-
for 3 People Rs 20,900/-
Inclusions Per Boat
Water and Sunscreen Course Reading Material
Gloves Safety Kit
Value Additions Extra sailing time, upgrading to Grade 1 at special prices, pick up from hotel. Lunch , soft beverages, water, sunscreen, 15% off on Spa and F&B at Grand Hyatt Goa. All value adds will be charged extra.
CERTIFICATE Aquasail Yachting Academy Certificate of Competency


  • Confidently and independently sail a dinghy within beach limits
  • Rigging, boat preparation and boat parts.
  • Theory of sailing.
  • Safety and seamanship skills including capsize drill
  • Additional learning based on school curriculum, environment based learning, group objectives

START DINGHY SAILING if you are looking to:

  • Ignite the passion for sailing in a child & helping him discover a hobby of a lifetime
  • Get an introduction to Dinghy Sailing in a fun yet structured manner
  • Have a great fun activity while on holiday and get a certificate

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