V is for Volatile

November 16, 2018

The sea is calm…until it isn’t. Suddenly a storm appears in the horizon and there’s nothing you can do but prepare to ride it to the best of your ability. The corporate world is rife with similar situations. Are we preparing ourselves and the coming generations for these storms?

This picture captures the volatility of life – one minute you’re cruising along just fine and the next minute – you’ve capsized. What’s the reason behind the capsize? Maybe you didn’t judge the wind well enough, maybe you hit a rock, or maybe you were not equipped to take on the sea at all. Dealing with volatility in the work-place is one of the most important steps to success. But at work, we can only talk about overcoming volatility in the rhetoric – we can analyze the situation and deduce the attributes we will need to imbibe to come out on top. But with Sailing, you need to prepare for this volatility in reality; a practical application. You learn how to right the boat and get back on-board after you capsize. Whether you’re alone or with a team, you can always get back on track – all you need to do is try – it’s what sets you apart.

If you want to learn about how to weather the storm or how to ride with the changing tide, let me know in the comments and lets discuss how sailing can help you cross the finish line successfully!

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