What do CEOs and sailors have in common? The countdown to the Aquasail Axis Bank CEO REGATTA Feb 10th begins- are you onboard?

November 16, 2018

That is what 40 CEOs and leaders at the helm are going to learn as they participate in the 4th Edition of the CEO Regatta curated by Aquasail exclusively for Axis Bank and Vistara – it is an event where those at the helm will be in a unique setting, aboard a fleet of fantastic racing and cruising boats, sharing, learning, engaging together. They will sail and race and cruise and will discover why sailing recognized as one of the most powerful leadership sports

Sailors deal with the unpredictability of wind and tide, yielding to their power and learning to harness it as they set sail. They not just deal with it but are challenged by it and more importantly enjoy it. A good sailor rises to the challenge of a stormy windy day just as much as he or she adjusts his sails as the wind drops to a whisper and the under current unseen tide pushes the boat in a different direction. They welcome the spray, the howling wind and yet have the ability delight in the sparkling expanse of water when favorable winds drive them closer to their mark. Sailors are explorers and seeking new shores is in their blood. All this and more will be shared as CEOS at the helm experience sailing and racing and relate it to their corporate lives as they NAVIGATE UNCHARTERED WATERS on a constant basis.

At this CEO Regatta 30 ++ CEOs including a few POWER COUPLEs will learn to sail in teams at the Vistara Sailing Clinic powered by the Aquasail Yachting Academy. They will then RACE at the AXIS BANK CEO REGATTA – a racing series held in an international format where they will test their newly learned skills as they Beat against the wind, REACH and RUN with the wind proving that if one focuses on the destination, you can adjust your sails to reach it.

The event is structured for powerful sharing and networking, for an afternoon of de stressing and learning, for adventure, leisure and learning – all combined into a heady unforgettable experience on Aquasails Fleet of high performance racing boats and fantastic sailing catamarans

The countdown begins this Friday as CEOS gear up to get on board the 4th edition of C Suite series curated by Aquasail for those at the helm of corporate India.

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