Where do the Boats go as Seasons Come and Seasons Go, we must ride and we must flow…

November 16, 2018

As the sailing season ends, I reflect again on the learnings the sea teaches. The hectic activity stops. Its sudden tho its predictable. We were all hands on deck, all the time. Adrenalin pumping, action propelling action, reacting, responding, recovering, riding the waves and the storm. Almost no quiet time to reflect. And now the calm descends. After 240 days of action we have before us 120 days of off season. As sailors we know that this is a short respite. A time to garner the spirits up again – to polish, to sharpen, to prepare….. While the monsoon winds will blow and gusts will churn the sea, for us it is the quiet time, the pre and post the storm. The mind must be able to enjoy and get energised by this change. For before one realises the winds will swing, the tides will turn and we will again be riding the waves. But we must be stronger, sharper, with new goals and horizons beckoning…. that is lesson of the sea – to re discover, to re create, and to enjoy each ebb and flow…#leaderhipthrusailing #aquasail

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