Yacht / Boat Timeshare Sailing

 A great way to enjoy the joy of sailing on world  class boats without the hassles associated with  owning one. Aquatime – Aquasail’s timeshare  sailing is a good option for members to sail  whenever they want without spending the money  on owning a boat. With Aquatime your monthly  sailing cost is typically much less than buying individual sailing options. In today’s world cars are shared with Uber and Ola, accommodation is shared with airbnb. With Aquatime, you buy a fixed number of hours that are valid through the season and more importantly you get a choice of boats.

For a fixed price you can buy yourself many hours through the year on Aquasail’s swanky range of boats ranging from our 25-foot fast cruiser to our 40-foot Leopard Catamaran. Imagine the luxury of choosing your own time on the boat of your choice to sail with the family or even to throw a party and entertain your guests in inimitable style. Aquatime allows you access to the sporty Harbour boats, fast cruising monohulls or the beautiful Leopard sailing Catamaran. The cruising boats are fully equipped for day and overnight sailing. Maintenance and security are completely Aquasail’s responsibility.

Aquatime allows you a fixed number of hours which can be spread over any of the mentioned boats. Each boat comes with a trained Tindal or with an instructor to help you actually take the boat out comfortably and safely. Aquatime makes commercial sense for both individuals and corporates. As an individual owner of Aquatime you can enjoy our boats and the waters to the maximum with family and friends or in solitude, if you just want the boat to yourself. For a corporate it is a unique package to regularly take clients out to sea to network and socialize or to allow employees to engage in something completely different, unique and fascinating.

The Timeshare option allows you to pick a package and to book sessions on any of Aquasail’s fleet of sailing yachts depending on the level of package you choose. It allows you to combine different sessions between weekdays, weekends and a variety of boats and hence is a flexible package. Being an extremely flexible plan, you could choose to buy a package and utilize it in your own time and space.

Aquatime Timeshare Sailing Benefits

  • Access to world class boats and equipment
  • Flexibility and option of choosing from a fleet of boats
  • More economical than chartering on spot
  • No hassles of maintenance and repair
  • Ease of use

We recommend corporate to opt for Timeshare as well, since they can use different yachts either to reward their employees, network with clients, afternoon business meetings or to gift top employees are few of the options.

Duration: Depending on the package taken.
Capacity: Depending on the boat
Choice of Boats:

  • Beneteau 7.5: a 25 foot sports boat
  • Beneteau 34.7: a 34.7-foot leisure coastal cruiser
  • Leopard Catamaran: a 40-foot luxury sailing catamaran

Timings: As per your convenience
Venue: Mumbai, Iconic Gateway of India
Customization: The package can be customized as per the usage.
Cost: Depends on the package taken
Great choice for:

  • Those who would like to pursue their hobby further and hone their skills at sailing.
  • Those who would like network, reward, gift employees or clients in a unique way.
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