Business Lessons on the Sea : SAILIENCE from Aquasail

November 16, 2018

Sailing has always been associated with achievement, with success and with getting some place. Sailing brings to mind adventure – those seeking new shores and exploring horizons. Sailing conjures up acts of courage and challenge.

Aquasail uses the powerful platform of sailing and sailing races (REGATTAS) for teaching business lessons on the sea. Many ask me why it is so powerful – participants across hierarchies from board members to management trainees have found the experience transnational.

The reasons are in the nature of the sport itself – it is a sport with the largest number of open variables – the wind, the sea, the tide, the weather – none under your control. The Boat, the rig, the expertise – that you can manage. The people dynamics as it is a team sport. Preparation plays a key role but swift and agile decision making creates the difference once on water.

It is indeed powerful and surfaces deep insights. Aquasail has fine tuned the art and science of using sailing to connect the sport of sailing to relevant business context. The journey has been rewarding and fulfilling thanks to the wonderful set of clients who were willing to think out of the box and get onto the sea and ride the waves with us.

I invite every one to sail, experience the joy and the thrill. Dont worry about fitness, about knowing sailing or even swimming. Come with a mind and heart to explore, to UN learn, to experiment, to reflect….

I would like to sign off with my favourite sailing saying – YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE WIND BUT YOU CAN ADJUST YOUR SAILS

Wishing every one fair winds, always as you sail on lifes seas

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