Frequently Asked Questions – Mumbai

1. Where at Iconic Gateway do you sail from?
Aquasail sails the keel boats and cruising boats in the Mumbai Harbour. The meeting point is typically Jetty Number 5 opposite the Taj Mahal Hotel at Colaba. Discover Sailing, The Learn to Sail, learn to Cruise and Learn to power boat courses typically are conducted from here.

2. What should I bring for Harbour sailing?
Typically, during Harbour sailing you will not get wet. You could however, get some salt and sea spray on you and the winds are strong a wave could get you a bit wet. If not too concerned you need not carry a change of clothes. However, if you are likely to be going out post the sail etc. you may want to carry a change (keep it in your car/ bag) just as a precaution.

To enjoy the sail please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes which permit easy movement like shorts, capris, Dockers etc. Ladies may wear Salwar Kameez but a dupatta would not be permitted while sailing. Footwear should be light and comfortable and can include sneakers, open sandals/ floaters etc. No high heel

Glasses: If you wear glasses make sure you have a retainer.
Sunglasses: Please carry sunglasses and a cap for protection. Please use retainers for the sunglasses in case they fall into the water (we provide these)
Sunscreen: Please carry and use sunscreen (we also provide the same)
Medication: Please carry personal medication if you have a need

3. What should I not to bring?
Please avoid carrying anything extra. We do have basic storage space for keeping things dry but it is advisable to be light and carry no non essentials and valuables. On these boats you may carry your camera with you.

4. Do I need to bring food and drink along?
On the Harbour sailing boats for short sails like DISCOVER SAILING you will be too involved and engaged in the sailing to indulge in eating. Water is provided on all Aquasail boats.

5. What precautions do I need to take?
Drink plenty of water: It feels cool on the water and you will be surprised how quickly you get dehydrated. Your body can only absorb around half a liter of water an hour so it is important to rehydrate regularly. We always have plenty of drinking water on the beach, at the center and on the boats. If you are a person who has a tendency for sea sickness / car sickness you may want to speak to an Aquasail person prior to your sail. Typically, on our open boats the tendency to feel seasick is very low and precautions like having water, wearing sunglasses etc. reduce the likelihood. Those who are very concerned can take a precautionary medicine after consultation with a team member/ your doctor.
First aid: Should you feel ill, all our teams are first aid trained and we have standards as per international benchmarks in place.

Sunscreen/ sun glasses/ cap:
Good to use sunscreen and sunglasses for protection against the sun. Wearing long sleeved shirts if sensitive to the sun keeps you protected.

Medical condition: if you have any medical condition make sure you declare it in the medical form and inform the Aquasail team. Sailing is safe and easy in the Mumbai conditions and there are only few conditions where we will have to restrict you from sailing.

6. What if I am not a good swimmer?
You do not need to be good swimmer or even a swimmer at all to sail with us. Everyone is provided with an International certified lifejacket / buoyancy aid and it is compulsory to wear this.

7. Will I be safe on the water?
Yes, safety is our number one priority. We have relevant equipment including certified life jackets/ buoyancy
aids/ rescue boats etc.
The team is first aid trained and we have doctors on call. Processes are in place as per international
standards. Aquasail’s culture focuses on safety and there is no compromise at all.

8. Do I need to be physically fit to sail?
No, as long as you have normal levels of fitness you will be fine, we have taken people of all ages sailing. If you are worried, speak to one of our senior sailing instructors.

9. Is there an age restriction?
Aquasail has had children and adults of all ages including 1 year olds sailing with us depending on the type of program. Sailing is a sport and leisure activity for all ages. For learning sailing we start at the age of 7. We have adults including senior citizens who enjoy learning to sail with us.

10. Do I need to have sailed before?
No prior experience of sailing is required; you will be amazed how quickly you learn

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