Frequently Asked Questions – Magical Mandwa

1. Where is the Aquasail Sailing Centre?
The Aquasail Sailing Center is at Magical Mandwa, in Alibaug district. Situated just a few minutes’ walk from the Magical Mandwa jetty. It is highly accessible by ferry (from Iconic Gateway of India) and by road. The Center is a few minutes’ walk away from the Magical Mandwa beach; a perfect setting for beach sailing.

2. What is the journey across the Harbour like?
The journey across the Harbour typically takes close to an hour or an hour plus depending on the choice of ferry. It is a scenic Harbour; the Taj and the Iconic Gateway of India make an impressive backdrop as you set out. The Harbour is dotted with lighthouses and batteries and you see many leisure boats and ships as you cross the channel

The Ferries are comfortable – some are air-conditioned and some are not. The wind while moving ensures that you are comfortable.

It is also possible to go across the Harbour in speed boats though these cost more. Typically, a speed boat journey takes about 20 to 40 minutes.

3. What facilities do you have in your center?
The Center is simple but comfortable. The focus is sailing and we are equipped with a fleet of different boats designed to give you varied experiences. The Center has all rescue facilities. The Center has showers and European toilets and changing rooms. Seating and lunch areas for large and small groups is available.

4. What should I bring with me for beach sailing?
You get wet during beach sailing and you need to bring at least one FULL change of clothes or even 2 especially if you sailing for the entire day. Please carry a towel and personal toiletries.
Clothes for sailing: You should wear light comfortable clothing that also protects you from the sun. Jeans are heavy and NOT recommended. Shorts/Capris are ideal. Light easy to dry tops and T shirts are good.
You can wear your swim wear underneath for comfort. You MUST carry a FULL change of clothes including under clothes.
Footwear: Please carry CROCS, FLOATERS OR CHAPPALS WITH STRAPS. Photo below (available at BATA, Reebok etc.)

Glasses: If you wear glasses make sure you have a retainer.
Sunglasses: Please carry sunglasses and a cap for protection. Please use retainers for the sunglasses, in case they fall into the water (we provide these)
Sunscreen: Please carry and use sunscreen (we also provide the same)
Medication: Please carry personal medication if you have a need

5. What should I not bring?
Salt water, sand and sun do not mix with expensive electronics and jewelry. We have a secure place to keep your valuables at our center. On the water you will get at least slightly wet so please leave cell phones and cameras at the center. We also do not allow the consumption of alcohol at the center. Smoking is not allowed on the boats or at the center.

6. Do I need to bring food and drink along?

This depends on the program and the arrangement that has been agreed. Typically, at the center tea/ coffee/ water and light snacks are available. If part of a program, normally all meals are provided. Please check with your organizer in case of a group program. Many of Aquasail programs include hospitality.

7. What precautions do I need to take?
Drink plenty of water: It feels cool on the water, but you will be surprised at how quickly you get dehydrated. Your body can only absorb around half a liter of water an hour so it is important to rehydrate regularly. We always have plenty of drinking water on the beach, at the center and on the boats. If you are a person who has a tendency for sea sickness / car sickness you may want to speak to an Aquasail person prior to your sail. Typically, on our open boats the tendency to feel seasick is very low and precautions like having water, wearing sunglasses etc. reduce the likelihood. Those who are very concerned can take a
precautionary medicine after consultation with a team member/ your doctor.

First Aid: Should you feel ill, all our teams are first aid trained and we have standards as per international benchmarks in place.
Sunscreen/ Sunglasses/ Cap: It is good to use sunscreen and sunglasses for protection against the sun.
Wearing long sleeved shirts if sensitive to the sun, keeps you protected.
Medical condition: If you have any medical condition make sure you declare it in the medical form and inform the Aquasail team. Sailing is safe and easy in the Mumbai conditions and there are only few conditions where we will have to restrict you from sailing.

8. I’m worried about the sun
The center itself is very shaded and even the upper parts of the beach are in the shade in the afternoons.
Being out of the city and with the sea breeze it is much cooler than in the city.
Typically, during beach sailing there are plenty of breaks while sailing and you will generally not be on the water for more than about two hours. Wearing a long sleeve shirt and a hat will protect you from the sun.
Remember, sunscreen is not totally waterproof so apply regularly; you should use at least SPF 30. Keeping hydrated will help you not feeling tired or getting a headache in case you tend towards this.

9. I’m not a good swimmer
You do not need to be good swimmer or even a swimmer at all to sail with us. Everyone is provided with an International certified lifejacket / buoyancy aid and it is compulsory to wear this.

10. Directions to Magical Mandwa
For Events where you are meeting at Iconic Gateway to depart for Magical Mandwa by ferry, the meeting point usually is Jetty No. 5 near the Vivekananda statue.
Located at Magical Mandwa, it is a few minutes’ walk from the Magical Mandwa Jetty. By road it is 3 to 4 hours from Mumbai. Please ask for more detailed directions if coming to our center

11. Which boats do you use?
Aquasail’s fleet of boats is varied, providing you with the opportunity to experience different dimensions of sailing. Suited to Indian conditions and designed to give first timers and avid sailors a highly rewarding experience, these boats represent some of the best brands in the world.
Our Beach Fleet: Our beach dinghies and beach catamarans include Laser Funboats, Hobie Bravos and the Hobie 14  Catamarans. Ranging from easy to sail to high adventure trapezing, these boats are bound to give you a thrill. The beach fleet also has great wind surfing boards especially for training and Sea Kayaks for a great ride on the waves The Keel boats: Our fleet of 25-foot keel boats are superbly designed for learning and racing
Cruising boats: Our fleet of cruising yachts including a 40-foot catamaran gives you a taste of the best in class sailing experiences
Power boats: Our power boats are designed for a smooth ride. Good for learning as well as for other
aspects, these are high quality boats.
We also have rescue boats among others.

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