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Would you like to learn to sail in the easiest and quickest manner possible? Welcome to the Learn to Dinghy Sail course with the Aquasail Yachting Academy, (AYA) an exciting and cost-effective way of getting afloat to experience the joys of sailing. Not only is this course suitable for adults, it is even more suitable for children from the age of seven onwards.

What is Dinghy Sailing?

Dinghies are open boats which are suitable for day sailing both inland and on the open sea. A dinghy can be crewed by one or two children or adults.  Dinghies are the quickest and easiest way to learn to sail as they are easy to rig, anyone can handle them and they are very responsive. With dinghy sailing you can participate in fast performance sailing, racing or just sail out at your own pace. Dinghy sailing is an investment in skills that will last a lifetime and which will apply to any boat.

Course structure

  • 2 days Sailing Camp (Customised)
  • 12 hours of intensive sailing
  • The students are taught rigging and de-rigging, lowering a boat, helming, tacking, jibing and other sailing maneuvers and also how to capsize a boat and right it, a technique designed to build immense confidence.

Course details

  • When: Time and date flexible
  • Where: Mandwa Beach (Alibaug)Aquasail Training Center (Located within the Mumbai harbour) and Bambolim, Goa Aquasail Training Center (Located at Grand Hyatt)
  • Length of the course: 2 days
  • Boats used: Laser Pico

Why Aquasail’s Learn to Dinghy Sail Course?

Premium Quality Equipment

At AYA we teach dinghy sailing on the most suitable and best quality boat possible, the Laser Pico. A durable, confidence-inspiring rotomolded boat that can be sailed by anyone, the Laser Pico is ideal for beginners and is used worldwide in sailing schools and academies.  Equipped with a removable jib and reefing main sail for easy rigging, the Laser Pico is ideal for developing basic sailing skills and is certified by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

for children and young adults.

World Class Instructors

Our course is conducted by RYA certified international instructors and Indian instructors who have sailed on international waters.  They are passionate about sailing and about teaching every little detail from start to finish. The course is conducted under the aegis of Shakeel Kudrolli, MD Aquasail who has over two decades of teaching experience to his credit.  Shakeel along with his team loves to introduce people to the joys of sailing.

International Structure and Format

Our Learn to Dinghy Sail course is carefully structured as per international benchmarks and customized to Indian conditions. We have taken care to work on aspects like emphasis on basic skills and enjoyment of the sport and we strive to create an environment to build love for the sea while developing the learner’s personality as well. With Aquasail’s Learn to Dingy Sail course children will not just learn sailing, but pick up a hobby that will last them a lifetime.. a hobby that will build confidence and character and teach them to appreciate and respect the outdoors.

Get Addicted!

Enroll in our Learn to Dinghy Sail course and invest in a lifetime of fun and sailing. Dinghy sailing will provide you with the most fun-filled hobby which you can enjoy with friends and family; a great stress-buster and an activity which will leave you feeling refreshed and raring to take on the world.


Learn to dinghy sail-Invest in a fun-filled hobby for life



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