SYNCHRONOCITY : A CHRO Conclave on the Sea – leadership thru sailing and sharing

November 16, 2018
What challenges are faced by CHROs as they technology changes the way we connect and do business and our workforce consists of the millenials who require a totally different approach

You Cannot Control The Wind But You Can Adjust Your Sails

This is the time of the millennials take over. A new way of thinking. A whole new set of expectations. A new way of connecting that could seem to some physically asocial. Add to this global shrinking with technology and communication rapidly changing the way we work – both empowering and creating demands on responsiveness we are in a world that is reinventing itself daily. These winds of change have blown creating turbulence and disruption in how employees connect and what they expect. It also has, but naturally, changed the way customers behave. As the stormy winds of change blow with typhonic intensity we must adjust our sails rapidly, as a adventurer sailor would as he explores unchartered waters.

At The Helm

What has not changed is that people continue to be the most important asset of an organization. As CHROs we need to build leadership capability to leverage the synergy, the unrest, the power of information, the breaking of borders and barriers. We need to harness the inherent power in this new energy so as to stay ahead of the curve as we continue to partner with business to deliver corporate objectives through people.


Aquasail in partnership with Axis Bank is hosting the third edition of SYNCHRONOCITY – a leadership conclave on the sea only for CHROS. Those invited will share thoughts and insights as part of a cross industry forum. They will experience a powerful and unique regatta series curated under the banner of SAILIENCE from Aquasail as they will learn to sail and race in a short span of time. Don’t miss the boat, the sea beckons, be a part of an exclusive leadership series on the sea!!


12.00 to 1.00 :Networking Lunch & Registration

1.00 to 2.00 : Leadership Conclave

Special Guest Speaker :XXX

Key Note and Panel : Rajkamal Vempati | XXX |XXX

Sharing & Dialogue

2.00 to 2.15 : Teams and Get Set Sail

2.15 to 4.45 :

Leadership On The Sea

Learn To Sail Clinic and Race

4.45 to 6.15 : Refreshments & Sharing Insights

6.15 to 7.15 : Networking Cocktails

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