November 16, 2018

A sailboat moving across the water, powered by the wind. What can be more relaxing and more energising. The wind ripples the waves and the salt spray makes one smile – it is the taste of life. I think of this gift of wind and boat as a blessing, wanting to share it with all who wish to experience joy.

Many who sail are surprised at the speed of the boat as it cuts thru the water soundlessly. The power of mother nature never ceases to amaze. Sailing is a sport that can inspire and can enthrall. A sport that can be enjoyed by a child of 5 and someone who has weathered many years. It has been a privilege to welcome on Aquasails fleet guests from the age of 2 to 92!! Yes, young at hearts have sailebrated their 60th birthday with us and we have many more who have taken to the waves after retirement – finally fulfilling the dream of sailing as they enjoy leisure time.

The music of wind and waves and sunlight dancing on water can only be experienced and not described. It is this magical music, these moments of peace and adventure that Aquasail tries to share and to create. Why wait, when the wind is free – enjoy a priceless adventure!

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