Start Windsurfing Beginner Course, Mandwa, Mumbai

2.5-3 Hours
  • AQ-Windsurfing Course for Beginners-Mandwa
  • AQ-Windsurfing Course for Beginners-Mandwa
  • AQ-Windsurfing Course for Beginners-Mandwa
  • AQ-Windsurfing Course for Beginners-Mandwa
  • AQ-Windsurfing Course for Beginners-Mandwa

 Learn windsurfing by doing the ‘Start  Windsurfing’ certification course and get  introduced to the world of sailing! In the  beginner level classes, you learn sailing  out and back at the mandwa beach. You  learn to steer the windsurf board, turn  around, and control the sail with the  power in your hand. Our experienced instructor will be right there with you, to provide you with greater confidence and faster learning experience.

Get personal attention from our world class instructors. Our Windsurfing course is a great opportunity to learn a sport of windsurfing that will build not just skill, but character and self-confidence. Sailing and windsurfing inculcates discipline, focus and decision making. Discover the world of sailing, Windsurfing and Kayaking!

COURSE CONTENT Beginner orientation about windsurfing, basic lessons to windsurf with instructors and take the windsurf board on your own.
ABILITY AFTER COURSE Basic Knowledge of Windsurfing, understanding wind direction and conditions for windsurfing, Windsurf board, sail and rigging set up. Windsurf board handling and windsurfing.
DURATION 2.5-3 hours
SESSION TIMINGS Between 10:00a.m. and 05:00p.m.
  • International Starboard Windsurfer is packed with smart ideas and offerings. The widest shape in Entry level segments, they make learning to windsurf and planning in foot straps easier than ever.
  • Neil Pryde Windsurfing Sails are built tough, and designed to withstand the most extreme riding conditions and the test of time.
INSTRUCTORS Highly qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching sailing. They are certified International instructors or local instructors of International standards.
PICK-UP and DROP POINT Iconic Gateway of India, Mumbai. 
Aquasail Sailing Centre at Magical Mandwa. Mandwa is an hour journey from Gateway of India by the ferry.
FREQUENCY 7 days a week
BOOKING OPTIONS Per head, special rates for groups
TIMING Between 1:00pm and 5:00pm
Per Head Cost Rs.8,500
Inclusions Per Boat
Water and Sunscreen Course Reading Material
Gloves Safety Kit
Value Additions Extra sailing time, Speedboat, Ferry tickets (subject to availability), Upgrading to Grade 1 at special prices. All value adds will be charged extra.
CERTIFICATE Aquasail Sailing School Aquasail Yachting Academy provides Certificate of Competency

Start Windsurfing Beginner Course Outcomes:

  • Confidently and independently windsurf within beach limits
  • Rigging, board preparation and parts.
  • Theory of windsurfing
  • Safety and seamanship skills including capsize drill
  • Additional learning based on school curriculum, environment based learning, group objectives

START WINDSURFING if you are looking to:

  • Ignite the passion for sailing in a child & helping him discover a hobby of a lifetime
  • Get an Introduction to Board Sailing in a fun yet structured manner
  • Have a great fun activity while on holiday and get a certificate


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