Learn Powerboat Course, Mumbai

8 hours
  • Aquasail-Learn to Power Boat Course-Mumbai
  • Aquasail-Learn to Power Boat Course-Mumbai

 Learn Powerboating in the Mumbai  Harbor with Aquasail. An exciting sport  powerboating is fun, rewarding and  extremely useful to learn. Learn a new  hobby under the instructions of highly  qualified instructors. Aquasail’s course is  benchmarked to world standards and  you will learn various manoeuvres, safety, coming alongside, mooring and all the basics for you to confidently handle a power boat. Once you have taken the first steps and learned the basics of power boating, well the possibilities with sport are endless. A definite must do to your stay in Mumbai!


Duration: 8 hours: 4 sessions of 2 hours each (3-morning sessions + 1-afternoon session)

The Boat: Beneteau 650 (Powerboat): Flyer 650 WA powered by single Suzuki 150hp petrol outboard. The Beneteau Flyer 650 Walk around benefits from a very seaworthy temperament and great stability. Its generous space makes it perfect for sports cruising, fishing parties or outings with friends.

Instructors: Highly qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching sailing. They are certified International instructors or local instructors of International standards.

Venue: Iconic Gateway of India, Mumbai

Capacity of boat: Instructor to student ratio 1:4

Booking options: Per head, special rates for groups and couples

Frequency: 7 days a week

Timing: Morning session: 7am to 9am; Afternoon Session: 1pm to 6pm

Age group: Adults and recommended for young adults above 16 years

Cost: Rs.25000 per head

Inclusions per head booking: Water, sunscreen

Value Adds: Certificate: AYA Certificate of Competency.


  • Competency to handle a powerboat within harbour limits
  • Use of safety equipment
  • Engine maintenance checks and repairs
  • International rules and regulations

Get onboard and Learn to Powerboat with Aquasail if you are looking for:

  • A great activity to enjoy with the whole family together
  • Flexibility – you can cruise for a day or longer durations
  • A unique hobby & a lifestyle that you can follow forever
  • An environmentally friendly escape from city life

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