Aquasail Sailing Club Captain Membership

  • Aquasail-Sailing Club-Captain Membership
  • Aquasail-Sailing-Club-Captain Membership
  • Aquasail-Sailing-Club-Captain Membership
  • Aquasail-Sailing-Club-Captain Membership
  • Aquasail-Sailing-Club-Captain Membership

 Aquasail Sailing Club facilitates and  promotes the hobby of sailing in  Mumbai, Mandwa and Goa. Sailing Club  membership makes the hobby of sailing  convenient and affordable with deep  discounts. Now you can pursue the  wonderful hobby of sailing without hitting hard on purse. We have options for people with different expectations – sailing frequently, wanting to learn, wanting to sail with family, social sailing events, and more. Choose the right option depending on what you want to do.

Pay Rs.35, 000 and your entire family can sail through the season.

Aquasail Club Select offers you
  1. Access to its entire fleet of yachts, keel boats, beach dinghies in Mumbai Harbour, Mandwa and  Goa
  1. Once a member you can simply call, book & sail
  1. Special privilege waivers e.g. no minimum group size for beach centers
  1. Special invitations to Aquasail popular events
  1. Event for members only
  1. Special privileges : members will be entitled to rebates and special offers from our partners through the year
Privileges and Discounts 6 Complimentary Sails: Choose from / use your complimentary 6 sails worth Rs.72,000 in combination across Aquasail’s sailing venues.

  • Iconic Gateway: Mumbai (Beneteau 7.5): Discover Sailing experience. Each sailing session entitles you to a boat of six persons.
  • Magical Mandwa and Sun Drenched Goa: Discover sailing experiences. Each sailing session entitles you to a total of three persons.
  • 2 Complimentary Start Sailing Sessions in lieu of the complimentary sails (1 Start Sailing Session assumes use of 1 sailing session)
  • OR 1 Beach sailing / Windsurfing Course value which can’t exceed Rs.20,000. The course is for 1 person only. Any Venue. Fixed Dates. 2 Vouchers deemed used per course of Rs.20000.
  • Value of these sails/courses = less than but not exceeding Rs.72,000

Special Rates: On All subsequent sails

  1. Upto 50% off on Discover Sailing range
  2. Upto 25% off on Discover Cruising range of Aquas
  3. Upto 25% off on Select Open Events e.g. camps, SPLASH etc

Learning Courses: Avail of 25% on select courses with Aquasail

2 Exclusive Events: Exclusive events in the year only for members and member guests will be held

  • Regattas and beach fiestas: Registration fee and F&B fees to be paid only. Sailing is complimentary. Entitled to 2 events for 2 persons
  • Other events at 50%

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