Beach Sailing Fiesta Sundrenched Goa

45 mins OR 1.5 hours
  • beach fleet in MAndwa on water
  • Bravos
  • AQ – Funboat – KID (7)
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Enjoy Aquasail’s diverse equipment from world class dinghies to kayaks to windsurfs, from keel boats to trapeze catamarans all in the verdant surroundings and swaying palm at the Aquasail Sailing Center at the Bambolim Bay in Goa. Simply explore different boats at your leisure under the guidance of passionate instructors. Try your hand at helming and sailing yourself. Indulge in Aquasail’s warm hospitality and a wide spread of sumptuous food while having a fantastic outdoor beach experience. A world of sun and surf await you in the heart of Goa.

Duration: 45 mins OR 1.5 hours

Splash program: Aquasail hosts fun SPLASH days for families and friends to join. Whether alone or in a group come onboard for a day in the sun. Keep a watch out for these wonderful days in Goa and get onboard! Per head and group booking available

Pick up and drop points: Aquasail Sailing Center, Sundrenched Goa, Grand Hyatt Goa, Bambolim Bay

Sailing Venue: Aquasail Sailing Center, Grand Hyatt, Bambolim Beach, Sundrenched Goa

Boats: Laser Bahia, Laser Pico, Hobie Bravo, Funboats, Hobie Cat, Hobie Kayak, Neil Pryde windsurfers, Cabrinha Kitesurfing

Capacity: Minimum 25 guests, up to 250 through the day

Instructors: Highly qualified and passionate instructors who enjoy getting first timers and sailors on board to discover the unique joy of sailing

Overnight: Recommended to stay at resorts close by. Aquasail will help you select the option as per budget and convenience

Cost: Depends on group size.

Age: Open to all ages including toddlers and senior citizens

Inclusions per head booking:
45 mins: Light snacks, water, sunscreen
1.5 hours: Light snacks, water, sunscreen, 15% off on Spa and F&B at Grand Hyatt, Goa

Value Adds: Pick up from hotel, customized celebrations. All value-adds will be charged

Outcome: Fantastic introduction to different aspects of beach sailing. A memorable day to remember and perhaps a start of a love affair with sailing

Get onboard BEACH SAILING FIESTA with Aquasail if you are looking for:

    • A great way for family and friends to have a fun filled day in the outdoors
    • Sailebrating a special occasion in a unique and fantastic environment.
    • Having an adventurous and engaging day in Goa
    • A way to network with clients in a very different and unique setting


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