Corporate Discover Sailing (no frills), Mandwa

2 hours
  • Aquasail-Corporate Discover Sailing-Mandwa
  • Aquasail-Corporate Discover Sailing-Mandwa
  • Aquasail-Corporate Discover Sailing-Mandwa
  • Aquasail-Corporate Discover Sailing-Mandwa
  • Aquasail-Corporate Discover Sailing-Mandwa

 Leverage the exciting platform of sailing  to enhance learning and powerfully  convey critical business lessons and  important skills for effective  performance at the work place. Discover  Sailing with Aquasail’s leadership and  team building programs use sailing and bring about change among the sand and waters of Magical Mandwa.

Aquasail understands client objectives and ensures a deep learning experience. We have conducted programs for large MNCs, young start: ups and entrepreneurial firms and dynamic Indian organizations. Programs have been hosted for cross functional groups, leadership teams and board members and teams across hierarchies.

Choose from the many experiences of Aquasail and customize them to your needs.
Enjoy a day of exploring the seas as you travel to Magical Mandwa, and Discover Sailing on Aquasail’s range of world-class boats with our highly skilled and trained instructors! Explore 2 hours of sun, sand and the seas, and embrace the magic of Mandwa at the Aquasail Sailing Centre. Discover Sailing with Aquasail!

Duration: 2 hours

Boats: Choose between Beneteau 7.5, Laser Pico, Hobie Bravo, Funboats, Hobie Cat, Hobie Kayak, Neil Pryde windsurfers

Capacity: 10-24 participants

Instructors: Highly qualified and passionate instructors who enjoy getting first timers and sailors on board to discover the unique joy of sailing

Timings: Between 9 am and 6 pm

Venue: Aquasail Sailing Centre, Magical Mandwa

Customization: The theme and objective are critical and the formats are based on organization objectives.Depending on whether the program is a standalone or a part of a larger agenda Aquasail helps to customize the messaging and the event based on need

Transportation: Aquasail organizes transport from the Iconic Gateway of India (ferry/ speed boat)

Inclusions: Generally, all Aquasail events include relevant hospitality. Inclusions are use of Aquasail Sailing Centre, small snack, soft beverage, sunscreen, water and on-board photography where possible.

Add-ons: Extra music, specific hospitality, customized branding, gifts and souvenirs. All value-adds are charged

Great Choice For:

  • A stand-alone strategic short offsite for senior and management leadership teams
  • A need based learning experience across the organization: cross functional teams, functional teams,
    High potential executives
  • An add on to review meetings, board meetings, sales conferences and operational off sites
  • Adding a new dimension to international meetings

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