Discover Kayaking, Goa

45 Min
  • Kayak – GOA – 2 kids – girls – happy
  • AQ – Kayak – Kids (6)
  • AQ – Kayak Race (8)
  • AQ – Kayak – Kids (1)

Delight in riding the waves on the sparkling Arabian sea of  Goa! Drink in the beauty of the imposing hills in the background against the blue skies. Pick up basics of kayaking, the best water sport. After the sailing, enjoy Aquasail’s warm hospitality. Guests are always intrigued by the wonderfully nautically designed Aquasail Sailing Center built with passion and to ensure complete comfort and Safety. It is a MUST DO when you are in Goa, with friends, family or by yourself. Goa  Kayaking is sure to create a memory.

Duration: 45 minutes

Session Timings: Between 9am and 5pm.

The Boat: Hobie Kayaks – World class Kayak

Instructors: Highly qualified instructors who are passionate about teaching sailing. They are certified International instructors or local instructors of International standards.

Pick up/ drop point: Aquasail Sailing Center, Bambolim Bay, Goa

Booking options: Per head; special rates for groups.

Frequency: 7 days a week

Venue and Timing: Aquasail Sailing Centre at Bambolim Beach Goa, (Timings may change depending on weather & other conditions)

Age group: 10+

Cost: Rs.1800 per head.

Inclusions per head booking: Water & Sunscreen is provided, use of Aquasail’s world class sailing Centre, 15% discount on F&B and Spa at the Grand Hyatt Goa

Value Add-ons: Pick up from hotel, guests can request extra sailing time. All value-adds will be charged.

Get onboard. DISCOVER GOA KAYAKING with Aquasail if you are looking for:

    • A MUST DO when in Goa
    • An ideal way to explore and experience the sea and its beauty
    • An add to your Sundrenched Goa Tours/ Excursions
    • A great way to sailebrate a special occasion
    • A wonderful get-away with family or friends
    • A reward for your team, or bonding with colleagues
    • A wonderful weekend leisure activity
    • A quick escape to the outdoors!


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