Discover Sailing: Sundrenched Goa

45 mins or 1.5 hrs
  • AQ – Funboat – Kids (6)
  • AQ – Funboat – KID (7)
  • Dart Adults (4)

 Delight in riding the waves on the sparkling seas of Arabia in Goa! Drink in the beauty of the imposing hills in the background against the blue skies. Pick up sailing basics as you steer and sail our beautiful dinghies. Relax and experience the calm of being out on the sea with the sound of waves and wind. After the sail, enjoy Aquasail’s warm hospitality at the Grand Hyatt Goa. Guests are always intrigued by the wonderfully nautically designed Aquasail Sailing Center built with passion and to ensure your complete comfort. It is a MUST DO when you are in Goa, with friends, family or by yourself. GO for sailing, Goa Sailing is sure to create a memory.

DURATION 45 minutes or 1.5 hours
SESSION TIMINGS Flexible timings. Wind is best post 11:00a.m.
THE BOAT Choose any one of:

  • Laser Bahia’s versatile design provides a great platform for leisure or racing. A spacious cockpit, high boom and storage box caters to the family or up to five adults.
  • Laser Pico is built for family fun. With its simple reefing system, spacious cockpit, and high boom, the Pico continues to be a popular sailboat for all ages and abilities.
  • Laser Funboat is easy to rig, easy to sail, the Funboat is the perfect entry-level sailing craft. Extremely seaworthy, the Funboat combines action sport with simplicity.
  • Laser Dart is popular with kids, youth and adults; its simple yet sturdy construction provides stable, unforgiving fun.
INSTRUCTORS Highly qualified. Enjoy helping people discover the joy of sailing
PICK-UP and DROP POINT Aquasail Sailing Center, Grand Hyatt, Bambolim  Bay, Sundrenched Goa
FREQUENCY 7 Days a week
CAPACITY OF BOAT Depends on size of boat; multiple boats available. 2 Pax to 4 Pax
BOOKING OPTIONS Per Head and Group Bookings
TIMING Flexible timings. Wind is best post 11:00 a.m.
AGE GROUP Children (4+ years) & Adults
45 Mins Rs.2700 – 1 experience
1.5 hours Rs.4000 – 3 experiences. Group and family rates available
Inclusions Per Head
Mineral Water Sunscreen
Medical Kit  
Inclusions Per Boat
15% Dis on F&B at GHH Rs. 1000 worth Casino Chips
15% Dis on Spa at GHH Access to the Aquasail Sailing Center
Value Add-Ons Guests can request extra sailing time, special value-adds like flowers, greeting cards, a snack, meals and other inclusions (not on-board). which will be provided where possible. All value-adds will be charged.


Get on-board. DISCOVER SAILING with Aquasail if you are looking for:

      • A MUST DO activity when in Goa
      • An ideal way to explore and experience the sea and its beauty
      • An add to your Sundrenched Goa Tours/ Excursions
      • A great way to sailebrate a special occasion
      • A wonderful get-away with family or friends
      • A reward for your team, or bonding with colleagues
      • A wonderful weekend leisure activity
      • A quick escape to the outdoors!



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