Sailebrations and Festive Events, Sailing in Mumbai, Mandwa or Goa

2 hours
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  • Aquasail-Family Sailing-Mumbai
  • Aquasail-Festive Events
  • Aquasail-Warm Hospitality
  • Aquasail-Family Sailing-Mandwa

 Enjoy the warm  hospitality of Aquasail  on Festive Holidays and Sailebrations  alike. Bring in a brand new exciting day  with Aquasail’s Sailebrations. Have a  wedding, anniversary, birthday,  graduation to  completed celebrate?  Aquasail can give you just the  experience you’re looking for to liven up the day. We can arrange cakes, decorations, customized menus, all to your taste. Bring in the joy of India’s multiple and colourful festivals on-board our world class boats, and experience sailing with our highly trained and qualified instructors! Come sailebrate aboard with Aquasail, and enjoy a special day you will never forget.

Duration: Approx 2 hours (extendable depending on occasion)

Pick up and drop points: Sundrenched Goa, Magical Mandwa or Iconic Gateway

Boats: Choose between Beneteau 7.5, Beneteau 34.7, Leopard Sailing Catamaran, Laser Bahia, Laser Pico, Hobie Bravo, Funboats, Hobie Cat, Hobie Kayak, Neil Pryde windsurfers, Cabrinha Kitesurfing (depending on ocation and group size)

Capacity: Depending on the boat you choose

Instructors: Highly qualified and passionate instructors who enjoy getting first timers and sailors on board to discover the unique joy of sailing

Overnight: If you wish to extend your sailebrations for more than a day, we recommend you stay at resorts close by. Aquasail will help you select the option as per budget and convenience

Cost: Depends on boat chosen, can also do multiple boats at a time

Age: 12+ years

Inclusions per head booking: Small snack, soft beverage, water, sunscreen, on-board photography (where possible), 15% off on F&B and Spa at Grand Hyatt Goa or 15% off at F&B and Spa at Radisson, Mandwa (Depending on location)

Value Adds: Customized menu, pick up from hotel (at Goa), extra sailing time, flowers, greeting cards, gift, boat decorations. All value adds will be charged extra.


  • Fantastic introduction to different aspects of beach sailing.
  • A memorable day to remember and perhaps a start of a love affair with sailing

Get onboard Sailebrating with Aquasail if you are looking for:

  • A great way for family and friends to have a fun filled day in the outdoors
  • Sailebrating a special occasion in a unique and fantastic environment.
  • Having an adventurous and engaging day

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