Sailing Camps for Schools at Mandwa, Mumbai and Goa

1 to 2 hours
  • AQ-Sailing Camps for Schools-Mandwa
  • AQ-Sailing Camps for Schools-Mumbai
  • AQ-Sailing Camps for Schools-Mumbai
  • AQ-Sailing Camps for Schools-Mandwa
  • AQ-Sailing Camps for Schools-Goa

 Sailing Camps for schools is aimed at  Schools committed to sports and overall  all-round development of its students.  They constantly seek opportunities to  learn in different ways and provide  exposure to its students to experience  new activities, open their minds and  learn new skills. Aquasail believes that sailing is a great sport and an activity to introduce to the students and youth in India. Sailing provides an exposure to the outdoors, to the sea and nature’s elements, builds character and self-confidence, Leadership and foster team spirit and respect. It is a sport if started in childhood can evolve into a lifetime hobby.

Aquasail’s vision is to build a vibrant sailing community in India and towards this end, it has invested in relevant boats, safety equipment, structured products, and a highly qualified team to provide platforms and opportunities for schools and students to engage in sailing. At Aquasail more than 4000 children sailed through its family and children’s programs and over 15000 people have enjoyed a superlative experience with Aquasail during the same time.
Aquasail reaches out to the youth and the student community through the Aquasail Youth Sailing Foundation, (AYSF), a not for profit organization founded by Shakeel Kudrolli to promote sailing among youth in India. Aquasail proposes a long-term association with sailing.

We look at this as a beginning to bring many dimensions of sailing into your school. The objective of the first sailing season is to expose as many children to the joy of sailing and to build in certain aspects of the curriculum in the experience. From here we can nurture the talents of those students who show interest to go ahead and learn the sport. The learnings of this season will be taken forward to the following years and having more students to take this unique hobby. We offer the following programs:


  • Experience different aspects of sailing
  • Exposure to various types of boats
  • Knots and other fun activities
  • Experience the joy of being on water & actually sailing themselves

Must sign up for the camp if you are looking to:

  • Ignite the passion for sailing in your child or yourself and discover a hobby of a lifetime
  • Spend quality time learning a sport with your child in a fun and safe environment.
  • Learn a thrilling sport as an adventure person.
  • Add a certificate and a great fun activity while on holiday
1. DISCOVER SAILING i. 1-hour session at Iconic Gateway of India
ii. Beach Sailing Fiesta: 1 full day with a variety of boats at the Aquasail Training Center, Magical Mandwa & Sundrenched Goa
iii. 1 to 2 hours at Sundrenched Goa
2. Aquasail Yachting Academy Camps / Coaching Sessions / Courses: All Venues i. Weekly Coaching Sessions – Basic Sailing Course
ii. 3 To 6 Days Overnight Camps
iii. 1 Day Certificate Start Sailing Course
3. Participations in Interschool Regatta  
4. CAS Program  
5. Teacher’s Training  
6. SCAIL: School Sail

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