@Mandwa Saling opportunities ….

A Bonanza for Mandwa Residents. Sailing boats, Catamarans, Windsurfing, Kayaking, and more…

Drop in to see the place, and the boats, and spend some time at the saling lounge… or book a 90 minute sailing trip.

Price : Rs. 5900/- incl of taxes | Club Member Rates and group rates available

We’re located near the Mandwa Jetty. Drop in and visit our Large, full-fledged Sailing Lounge. We have a large space facing the beach where you can sit and lounge with friends and family. There’s a changing room with showers, and lots of boats.

(Image) Laser Pico – a catchy line about the boat

(Image)Hobie Bravo – a catchy line about the boat

(Image)Fun Boat – a catchy line about the boat

(Image)Hobie Cat -a catchy line about the boat

(Image)Hobie Kayak -a catchy line about the kayaki and the kayaking opportunities

(Image)Neil Pryde Windsurfers a catchy line about the windsurfing opportunities

It’s very safe
1. Included Life Jackets
2. A well-experienced sailor and sailing trainer
3. A look-out boat always in the water
4.water bottle sunscreen included
5. If you prefer let the experienced sailor sail, if you feel up to it, take the tiller and try sailing the boat yourself. The trainer will show you how

This is a wonderful watersport offer especially for Mandwa Residents and a great way to beat the summer heat with the cool sea breeze.

Read more about the Aquasail Manwa Sailing facilities…


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