Team Aquasail

Pursuing a vision with excellence

Aquasail was founded in 2004 by Shakeel Kudrolli, one of India’s finest yachtsmen. The company has established itself in the market by forging several tie ups with some of the world’s best brands and by bringing an unparalleled experience in sailing to Indian shores.

With its range of world class dinghies, power boats and sailboats coupled with an inimitable mix of international and Indian instructors, Aquasail products and courses are quite international but customized carefully to Indian conditions.

Aquasail is also active in the marina and infrastructure space in partnership with UK based Walcon Marine, the world’s leading builder of yacht harbours and marinas. This synergy offers over 30 years of cutting edge international expertise combined with key local knowledge and business awareness.
At Aquasail, we also offer a full range of services that goes much beyond the sale of boats. The team consists of select professionals passionate about boating, many of whom have won National and International titles in sailing. They leverage their knowledge and love for the water to ensure that the customer makes the right choice. Our team of 40 people, including our onwater support team, sales team, instructors and technical staff are all passionate about sailing and about creating a niche industry.
There are new challenges every day, but none that daunt our performance oriented team that enjoys excelling in what they do. Each day offers great learning opportunities as Aquasail, sets new benchmarks for itself and explores new ideas and products.

At Aquasail we highly value our people and strive to create an environment that allows them to learn, make mistakes, grow, explore and enjoy. Every employee adheres to the highest ethical and work standards that we follow. We are non hierarchical and encourage creativity, ideation and leadership. Our team comprises people who are highly skilled skippers, and people with amazing sea surface affinity.

The extended team

We also have high regard for those who are not part of the permanent team (on the rolls) and yet are constantly contributing to our growth. The Aquasail family has skippers who come and sail when their work schedules permit, people who volunteer for off-water tasks during programs, simply for the love of sailing. There are others who contribute through ideas and strategic help. We truly appreciate this extended team, for always maintaining the standards, keeping commitments and being with us.

Shakeel Kudrolli-Founder and Director, Aquasail

Founder and Director of Aquasail, Shakeel is a lawyer by profession and a yachtsman par excellence. Shakeel won India its first ever gold medal on international waters in 1989 at the Asian Championships in China. He proceeded to win two silver medals at the Enterprise World Championships in Zimbabwe and South Africa in 1993 and 1995. At the prestigious UK Enterprise Open Championships in 1997, Shakeel achieved what no Asian has, by bringing home the silver.
To facilitate the translation of his vision of a booming leisure boating industry in India, Shakeel founded the Indian Marine Federation (IMF). The IMF is an industry body aimed at guiding and facilitating the growth of this emerging industry in a healthy and sustainable manner. It will work closely with the government and industry bodies on frameworks for growth in the leisure boating industry. The IMF is associated with the British Marine Federation, the apex body in the UK for the leisure boating industry.

Shakeel’s passion for sailing is reflected in the fact the he has invested more than 20 years in coaching people. He has the distinction of coaching the maximum number of kids in India, imparting not just the skills required for competitive sailing, but instilling in them the joy of being on the water. The team he coached won India’s first ever world championship gold medal at the International Cadet World Championships in 1988.

His dedication to see grassroots sailing grow in this country is reflected in the charter of the Aquasail Youth Sailing Foundation (AYSF) - a charitable trust founded by Shakeel. The Foundation is associated with the Royal Yachting Association, reputed world over for its courses, materials, training inputs and expertise and the same will be available through AYSF in India.

Zia Hajeebhoy - Director, Aquasail

Zia has worked with over 20 brands and businesses in different areas of their lifecycle. Some of these brands include Harpic, Bollgard, Roundup, Lipton Tea, Investsmart and more. Zia is an expert in building retail businesses and in the area of brand and business strategy and organization transformation. She also has considerable experience working in brokering advisory, mutual funds and insurance sectors helping their business transform from institutional to retail businesses.

Zia has been sailing for 25 years now and loves being on the water.