Discover the exciting world of sailing

Sailing is one of the most exciting and versatile activities possible. However, not enough people know about the fascinating world of leisure sailing or of how to become a part of it.

Welcome to the beautiful world of boats with Aquasail, the pioneer of leisure sailing in India. Enroll with us for any one of our programs which suit you and we can vouch for it that you will be a sailor for life.

Sailing can be adventurous as well as relaxing, exciting as well as calming and there’s some wonderful activity available on the water to suit every individual and mood…. and remember-you do not need to be a swimmer to gain access to sailing. 

Duration: 90 minutes. i.e. 1.5 hours (between 1 pm and 6.30 pm)

The Boat: Beneteau 7.5, a 25 foot sports yacht (the boat pictured on the right)

Capacity of boat: 6 guests  

Cost: Rs. 3000 per head per adult. Rs. 15,000 per boat

Best advised session timings: 1.00 to 2.30 pm, 3.00 to 4.30 pm and 5.00 to 6.30 pm

Instructors: Highly qualified. Enjoy helping people discover the joy of sailing.

Pick up and drop point: Gateway of India

Age group: adults and recommended for children above 7 years. Younger children will be accommodated on case-to-case basis, as per special request.

Inclusions 'per head' booking: bottled drinking water. Sunscreen, Life jacket. 

Inclusions 'per full- boat' booking: a light snack and soft beverage.

More than 6000 people have sailed with us of which about 1500 have been children. We look forward to introducing more and more people to the wonderful world of boats. 

Discover Sailing With Aquasail-Discover a New Way of Life

Aquasail’s Powerful  Employee Relationship Management Scheme                       

Aquasail has on offer some of the most unique schemes for corporates to help them to build up their teams’ performance and to enhance their employee relationship management.  The schemes offer access to sailing to employees and have invariably  elicited a great response from them not only on the waters but also at the work place, where they have invariably returned happily charged up, motivated and better able to manage time and handle daily pressures.

SAILIENCE- Enhance employee learning, performance and motivation

A powerful platform, SAILIENCE offers corporates a range of programs where teams use the sailing platform to enhance team work, execution, goal setting, communication and more. SAILIENCE is available to corporates as exclusive programs designed specifically, keeping in mind their objectives as well as through the OPEN SAILIENCE ACHEIVERS SERIES where you can nominate participants to attend.


Leadership and Team Building Programs-Sailing has many powerful metaphors that are extremely relevant to the competitive and dynamic world of business. Aquasail has conducted more than 20 very impactful programs for both management and leadership teams as well as vertical business and functional  teams which went beyond the conventional ‘team building’ and explored relevant and ‘real’  themes that included building excellence in teams, managing change proactively, entrepreneurship and performance, leadership in uncertainty etc.


Our clients include: IL&FS, Novartis, Colgate Palmolive, Standard Chartered, Reliance Brands, Taj Group of Hotels, CNBC, Siemens, Mahyco, Fullerton, and Genesys among others.


Our proposition is to clearly incorporate the business need into the program design to ensure learning and change.  Every season, we build on the learnings of the last season and further refine and create even more powerful formats for training, using     the exciting platform of sailing and racing.


Costs vary depending on the venue, group size, brief and day of the week.

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