Suddenly I get a call. We need to do a film shoot. On the boats. Sailing. When? I ask. Tomorrow comes the confident reply.

Less than 24 hours. But opportunities and moments like these don’t use calendars and diaries and schedulers.

Let’s have some fun. Out there we set sail with Adaa Khan. Young and adventurous we bonded. She shared that sailing was a sudden addition and she had to quickly work out wardrobe and make-up. Water splashing. Lighthouses beckoning. The afternoon was spent actively pulling ropes and taking sultry leisure shots relaxing against the Iconic Mumbai skyline.

So exciting was this afternoon for riding the waves that we decided to do another shoot in Mandwa in a few days.

With more time to prepare for this impromptu shoot, I reached out to Smitha our digital partner. Why don’t you join? I asked. With your team. And then a little more tentatively I said, if you wish to we can stay over after the shoot. You can experience Aquasail and we can spend quality time together.

I could almost hear her thinking. What do I do with my dog? My son? My work commitments. A day and a night? Makes no sense mid-week. I was sure she would say no. I booked 2 rooms anyway.

The day arrives and Smitha comes with a smile and an overnight bag and som in tow! Wow…..

The shoot is amazing. Lots of impromptu action. The Crew had warned us about time and what can and cannot be done. But thus was spontaneity fever.

Hey Adaa, we asked. Would you mind hopping boats on the water? She looked skeptical. I looked reassuring. She nodded. We clapped. The crew looked questioningly at us.

The boats came alongside and the action began. Adaa trapezoid. Adaa kayaking. Adaa sailing. Colour action and honest spontaneous fun shots…. better than any planned shoot. Adventurous Adaa spontaneous Delighted herself and her fans.



As she set off Smitha looked at me. “Am ready now…. lets hit the waves.”

The thrill of the cat was made more exciting when the instructor gave her the tiller to steer. Lap-lap went the waves. Our minds were immersed.

Smitha and her son

Sail alone with your son in the FUNBOAT – we encouraged mother and son to challenge themselves. A thought frown and lots of questions were replaced with mile-long smiles as they returned to the Beach after a long happy sail on my favorite boat.

The afternoon disappeared as we kayaked and even windsurfed. There was much to do if the heart was open and the mind willing. The joy of being and letting go is indescribable.

As the sun set, and we settled down to a moonlit dinner you could see Smitha convinced that re-scheduling work and commitments were worth it all. Spontaneity won the day.

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