The lockdown has people yearning to go outdoors. To feel the sun on their faces, to feel free. People are seeking to be active and yet safe. Something that is outdoors and yet does not involve too many other people. Where they can relax or expend energy alone or with people close to them. People are also seeking to challenge themselves to learn something new and exciting. 

Sailing offers you this and more – it can be as challenging or as relaxing as you’d like it to be. Aquasail offers sailing safely and responsibly, in line with our vision. Join us onboard and you will realize why people are opting to learn to sail with Aquasail, individually, as couples and as families, during this pandemic.

Let’s explore why during this time where it is important to be safe and keep others around us safe, sailing can be a wonderful way to relax and to get re-energized.

  1. A break without the travel!

For a lucky Mumbaikar or those in GOA there is absolutely no need to travel in order to sail. With Aquasail, private sailing is available in the heart of the city in Mumbai and conveniently located at Bambolim in Goa. 

In Mumbai, all you need to do is get into your own private car or safe mode of transport and come to the jetty at Gateway of India. Aquasail is the only company that has exclusive sailing lounges where you can safely use the wash room / freshen up and a contactless way to pick up critical items like sanitized life jackets etc. 

The Mandwa sailing lounge and centre are accessible by the RORO (roll on roll off) ferry option which is an experience in itself and also conveniently accessible from Gateway of India, Mumbai.

  1. 90 minutes in a yacht feels like a week’s break: A short 90 minute sail on a private yacht can make you feel like you have been away for days. It rejuvenates the mind like a full holiday would. You feel the noise of the city slip away, the chaos of the traffic disappearing and in minutes you are transported to another world all together. The sound of lapping waves soothes the mind. The wind blows away the worries and concerns. You find yourself simply relaxing as the city slips into the background and you are alone with your boat and the wide expanse of the sea and the blue sky above. And you can do this as often as you wish to! In Mumbai, you can rent a yacht at Gateway of Mumbai and sail all your troubles away for 90 mins of blissful sailing.

If you choose to learn to sail a boat, every lesson and every sail after that is an escape into a world that will always leave you wanting more. This is one hobby that you can enjoy for a whole lifetime

Sailing in its truest sense has something for everyone, for every mood and purpose. You need to know which boat and have a good skipper with you and you can push your boundaries or let your mind wander – explore the magic of sail boats and find the one that suits you.

  1. Minimum contact and a mindset of safety: Sailors have safety in their blood. A sailor knows all about risk and what risks to take and not. Aquasail has always been known for its un-stinting focus on safety much, much before the pandemic. Most sailors would take to safety rules immediately and follow them implicitly. Safety is in the details and the small things. Be it safety on the water or safety protocols keeping in the mind the pandemic. The important thing is the inherent safety mindset in sailing which ensures no compromise. 

Specific to the pandemic, in any Aquasail sailboat that you charter, you can choose who is on your boat. It could be just you and the skipper or you and trusted family and friends from your own bubble. No one else. You, your boat, the wind and those who you choose to be with. 

Aquasail safety tips:  We ensure that your lifejacket, gloves and helmets are sanitized. A minimum contact experience helps make the overall pre sailing experience safer. 

  1. The Big Blue – let the ocean be the playground of your imagination: The vastness of the ocean gives a sense of freedom, of getting away. The sea breeze and the salt spray clean up any cobwebs in the mind created by the constraints of the lockdown. The sea is one step away and you enter a world that is magical, that is unique and every time you do so it will have a beautiful, new surprise in store. Sailing in Mumbai harbor also has character. There are lighthouses dotting the harbor, and historical batteries and an iconic skyscape that you see in the distance. The sunsets out on the sea fill your mind with colour and hope. For those living on the island city of Mumbai, you need to just get into your car as if you were going to the grocer and you will be stepping into a vast great blue outdoors, painted skies, fluffy clouds and the magical world of boats 
  1. Make most of your weekend getaway: Escape to Sun Drenched Goa or Magical Mandwa – Aquasail has 3 fantastic centers / sailing lounges. The experience of sailing with a world class fleet of boats is unmatched 
    1.  Magical Mandwa is a ferry ride, a speed boat ride and a car ride away. You can travel really safe in your own car in the RORO (roll ON Roll Off car ferry). The journey itself refreshes you. The sea breeze clears your mind. There is a sort of feeling of a burden that slips off your shoulders as soon as you get on the water and just take in the expanse of the sea. The rustic open setting is ideal and cozy. Alibaug is just a ferry ride away.  
    2. Sundrenched Goa is a destination by itself: and the sea and the boats make it unforgettable. Nestled in the large estate of the Grand Hyatt Goa you can enjoy Aquasail’s warm hospitality after sailing and the convenience of the center. You can also enjoy the hotels 5 star safe ambience making the overall experience different 
    3. The Iconic Gateway of India: here you enjoy the convenience of the Aquasail sailing lounge before and after your sail. Private and set apart so that you can freshen up and enjoy the water. You can also plan a staycation at one of the close by waterfront hotels within the city and sail every day. A great way to have a holiday without leaving the city and to also learn a new exhilarating hobby 

Once in Mandwa or Goa, the energy that you get as you kayak on the waves or ride the waves on a Hobie Cat cannot be described – it is pure exhilaration and absolute freedom. Out and away the waves lap you and the boat slicing through the water gives you an adrenaline rush.

For those who wish to laze out on the water the Laser Funboat is a boat that allows you to chill on the water. Be lazy, bob around and pull in the sails once in a while to get to some place out there on the sea. The boat almost sails itself and you can get onboard with a few instructions and be out alone, you, the colourful little boat and the ocean whispering to you. There is no better way to relax. To let the thoughts stop and allow you to simply re-align yourself again. 

  1. Learn something new: a hobby for a lifetime whatever your age – in just 2 days: This year everyone has been seeking to learn something new, to find a new passion, a hobby. Tick learning to sail off your bucket list and Voila! you have a hobby for lifetime that you can pursue at any age regardless of your fitness levels.

Yes that’s true – it’s about the boat you choose to sail! As your lifestyle changes, you can change your boat. And it’s never too young or too old to start.

Imagine getting a sailing certificate in just 2 days! Aquasail Yachting Academy (AYA) starts teaching kids at the age of 7 in a boat that kids delight learning in. For the family there are multiple options. Adults can learn to sail a keel boat or a dinghy or learn to windsurf.

Most importantly you can pick up sailing very fast if taught well. Aquasail has the right kind of boats and structure of teaching in a fun yet outcome oriented manner. Kids and adults learn on the dinghies in just 2 days. They are able to take a boat out on their own (within limits). 6 sessions on a French keel boat (Aquasail has imported Beneteaus in their fleet) and you are able to skipper a high-performance boat and take your friends out.

We are delighted that most of our customers who chose to sail during the lockdown opted to learn to sail and get a sailing certificate from the Aquasail Yachting Academy. Today they are sailing on their own taking their close family members, kids or friends out safely. 

  1. An unforgettable sailing holiday: While on holiday in Mandwa or Goa or even just be on holiday within Mumbai itself you can create value and meaning and delight by adding sailing to your staycation or vacation. A few hours of sailing makes you feel refreshed and energized. A few days of learning to sail and you are a new person. A person with a love for the sea, a passion ignited. You have a new skill one that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. It takes 2 days to pick up the basics and be able to sail a boat on your own in easy conditions. And then you can keep learning. Keep exploring. Keep enjoying riding the waves. It’s an easy add on in Mumbai and Sailing in Goa is a superb MUST DO. Spend your day learning. Its exhilarating, life changing and safe.

So what are you waiting for? Give sailing a try. We promise you will have a fantastic time and a lifetime of cherished memories!

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