Sailing is a marine sport which is one of the most exciting, versatile, and adventurous activities for sports and aquatic enthusiasts to enjoy to no end. Sailing is also a competitive activity as the rider who is on the boat or a ship, they can race other riders on other boats around a particular track or pre-decided course which is usually marked with floating buoys or other marks. These competitive boats can be of any size or shape, ranging from small dinghies to large yachts. Usually, you will find the smaller boats racing against each other, and compete amongst each other only. This type of racing is called one-design racing.

You can engage in certain activities related to Sailing in Mumbai at our beautiful world of boats in Aquasail 360° Sailing, Mumbai and Goa and also if you wish to learn the leisure activities of Sailing, you can enrol yourself at our Aquasail Yachting Academy (AYA). You can learn and engage in several activities with regards to sailing like Private Sailing, Boat Sailing, Weekend Sailing, and even Sunset Sailing. Let us delve into details for each one, shall we?

  • Boat Sailing – Boat Sailing is the most common experience as it is an introduction to sailing. Even when you are learning the art of sailing, we at Aquasail Yachting Academy start off with boat sailing as it also stands to be one of the simpler and easier ones.
  • Private Sailing – Private Sailing in Mumbai is one of the most popular activities and also a heavenly and memorable experience. One can just book a private boat with us with their family or friends, and sail away to the horizons for that luxurious experience.
  • Weekend Sailing – Weekend Sailing, as the name suggests, is the one that people go for during just the weekends to compensate for the long and hectic week they have had. However, this is mostly on a shared basis and does not give you an entirely luxurious experience, but you can rest assured that this will not be any short of absolutely amazing as well. You can watch the majestic Mumbai skyline and will be away from the hustle-bustle of Mumbi for the meanwhile you are in the sea. You can also book an entire boat or a private yacht for you and your family or friends, and enjoy the weekend in the middle of the sea.
  • Sunset Sailing – Sunset Sailing stands to be a favourite one of everyone who has experienced it. The reason for that is not surprising as it gives you the most amazing sunset that you witness where the sea is literally meeting the sky and you just cannot peel your eyes away from the magnificent beauty. Popular for romantic date nights, or proposal setups, the experience of Sunset Sailing is an out of the world one. However, there are certain conditions when it comes to this activity. Time constraints topping the list for obvious reasons, this activity also does not happen on an everyday basis, and there is always a massive line for bookings, so you might want to book in advance.

These are just a very few of the sailing activities that you can be a part of at Aquasail 360° Sailing India. We also encourage Sailing for kids, so your little ones can always tag along for a sailing experience or even learn sailing at our Aquasail Yachting Academy.

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