Corporate sailing is the best team-building exercise out there and rightly so. Corporate sailing experiences at Aquasail include “team strengthening” exercises and ensures motivation to the employees to self discover their potential.  It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and solid leadership. Aquasail has a large and varied fleet and conducts programs for networking, brand association, strong imagery and brand launches.  It can be used as the ideal platform for MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions).

Sailing helps improve an organization’s overall performance quality by upgrading leadership qualities, for eg., Teamwork, Ability to delegate, Communication, Self-awareness.

Sailing needs a lot of skills and factors that are important when it comes to businesses and leadership, and are not in any other sport out there.

Are you wondering what connects business with sailing? Here are some points for a clear picture:

Business is all about finding the right balance within the team and so is Sailing. The keyword here is ‘Teamwork’.

To be able to sail, you need mutual trust, knowledge, practice and great communication – transparency in information has to be a top priority amongst the crew.  While sailing, there are certain responsibilities delegated to every member of the crew and a successful sailing experience is determined by how well each member performs their role.

Another crucial aspect about sailing is understanding the direction of the wind and how it impacts your sailing experience. This is very similar to running a business, if you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t be able to make it or may take longer than your rivals.

Being ready for change enables you to take advantage of them. Knowing the local wind and current conditions may provide an upper hand, Similarly, those who have navigated the business waters before can instinctively sense when things are about to change and plan for them effectively.

 When sailing, the competitive spirit of the team is harnessed in a fun environment and the managers notice the staff who are quick learners, good communicators and of course, great listeners. The team that wins the race is naturally the one that has great team spirit and has worked efficiently together as a team.

At Aquasail, we understand just when your team needs to pause, refresh, rejuvenate and develop a positive attitude towards teamwork. You and your team will not only get a world-class sailing experience but also a fun adventure out in the Arabian Sea. Whether you sail with us in Mumbai, Mandwa or Goa, we assure you and your team a memorable time.

“Don’t just sail, AquaSail! Reach out to us for a marvellous sail!”

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