Ever wondered how it feels to watch the sunset while sipping on your favourite drink, the breeze putting your mind at ease, sailing away from everything chaotic? Sailing on the stretch of the arabian sea, fresh breeze swiftly brushing against your skin, the sun adding its warmth to the overall sailing experience, and for once, you just forget your worries and enjoy the moment. Well, Heres 5 tips for your effortless sailing experience: 

1. Do Your Homework

Understand the process of sailing and its types, read blogs (like you are right now), watch videos and do your research about companies offering sailing experiences in India. Whether you’re in Mumbai or Goa, it’s important to pick the right company offering the best quality equipment and practising International safety standards. If you have motion sickness, don’t forget to consult with your doctor and find the right medicines to make your first sail a smooth and fun one.

2. Safety Gears

People sailing in the sea

Before you venture out into the ocean, ensure you wear your safety vest properly,, if you have any doubts, make sure to check with your skipper. Sometimes, you’ll be provided with helmets, find the one that fits you best and tighten it for utmost safety and comfort. If you’re uncomfortable at one point, before, during or after, make sure to communicate it to your skipper. 

3. Be a Responsible Sailor

People sailing in the sea

As a sailor, you will be briefed about the do’ and don’ts by your skipper, kindly hear them out clearly and clear all your doubts. Safety is top priority and shouldnt be compromised. Covid 19 is still on the loose, make sure you are booking yourself a sailing company who follows covid protocols and will ensure you a safe sail.

4. Sun Protection and Appropriate Clothing 

People sailing in the sea

No matter what season it is, the sun’s always out and is harsh, please wear sunscreen and protect yourself from the harmful UVA/UVB rays which might cause tanning or sunburn, protecting your eyes with a pair of sunglasses is always best, sunrays strain your eyes and it’s better to avoid it. Wear light, breathable material for maximum comfort.

5. Don’t forget to give a genuine feedback 

Every service provider would appreciate constructive feedback, be open and vocal about the entire experience, if there is anything they could work on,  feel free to communicate it to them. Customer feedback is key to improving business practice and helps companies deliver better results and customer experience. Do thank the skippers for their time and patience and ensuring your safe and wonderful sailing experience.

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Don’t just sail, Aquasail!

People sailing in the sea
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